Road Pavers

Mini Class, Compact Class, Universal Class, Highway Class and Special Class – the right machine for every paving application. Read more

Material Feeders

PowerFeeders MT 3000-2 and MT 3000-2 Offset:
VÖGELE material feeders combine quality and cost efficiency. Read more

Pave Width Configurator

Bolt-on extensions, auger extensions and bracings – use the Configurator to build up the pave width of your machine. Read more


VÖGELE Mini Class

The new Mini Class pavers SUPER 700-3i and SUPER 800-3i are extremely compact small pavers that can tackle a wide variety of applications. Read more

Magazine on Paving Applications

RoadNews Online

RoadNews Online comprises the combined knowledge from all back issues of RoadNews – VÖGELE's magazine for paving applications. More

Site Report

Magnificent Performance

For the first time ever, a high compaction screed with a pave width of 15.5m was used on Germany’s Berlin Ring motorway. Read more