Special Report: Material Feeders

PowerFeeders MT 3000-2 and MT 3000-2 Offset: VÖGELE material feeders combine quality and cost efficiency. read more


The "Dash 3" Innovations

A completely new category of pavers – the "dash 3" generation – heralds the next stage in road construction. continue reading

Site Report

Non-Stop Precision Work

The MT 3000-2 Offset ensured optimum capacity utilization and top-notch paving results in a rehabilitation project in Austria. continue reading


WITOS Paving

Process optimization with WITOS Paving – for higher quality in future asphalt road construction. continue reading

Magazine on Paving Applications

RoadNews Online

RoadNews Online comprises the combined knowledge from all back issues of RoadNews – VÖGELE's magazine for paving applications. More

Site Report

Trial of Strength in Peru

Trial of strength at an altitude of 4,000 metres – new SUPER 2100-3 raises the bar to giddy heights. continue reading