VF 500 Extending Screed

Stability and variability are not mutually exclusive, as the front-mounted Extending Screed from VÖGELE proves.

This screed has been specially developed for VISION pavers and is the ideal tool for multivariable width applications like parking lots with multiple traffic islands and light poles, residential and city streets with storm sewers, gas and water mains, intersections on major highway, or county roads with multiple obstructions.

  • Maximum paving width 5.95m.
  • Basic paving range 2.5m to 4.75m.
  • Compacting system V (vibration).
  • Screeds for VISION Series pavers.
  • Smooth, robust telescoping system for precise operation at all widths.
  • Capable of many screed profiles with crown and sloping extensions.
    Berm is available as an option.
  • Sloping extension up to 10%.
  • Innovative electric screed heating.
  • Easy-to-use ErgoPlus operating system.
  • Compact design allows for great visibility to all areas.
  • Ideal tools for multivariable width applications and mainline paving.

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