VF 600 Extending Screed

Working at high paving speeds with varying paving widths requires a screed that can always be relied on to deliver precise results. The VF 600 from VÖGELE is just such a system.

Developed especially for VISION pavers it is suitable for a highly varied range of paving tasks – from multi-laned expressways to narrow urban roads. Its variability is also evidenced in the range of possible profiles: crowns, transverse slopes and berms are set once and then built perfectly from the start to the end of the paving process.

  • Maximum paving width 7.75m.
  • Basic paving range 3.05m to 5.95m.
  • Compacting system V (vibration)
  • Screed for VISION Series pavers.
  • Smooth, robust telescoping system for precise operation at all widths.
  • Capable of many screed profiles with crown and sloping extensions.
    Berm is available as an option.
  • Sloping extension up to 10%.
  • Innovative electric screed heating.
  • Easy-to-use ErgoPlus operating system.
  • Compact design allows for great visibility to all areas.
  • Ideal tool for multivariable width applications and mainline paving.

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