Second-hand, First Quality

Are you on the look-out for a track-proven VÖGELE Used Equipment road paver in good, used condition?

As a specialist for Used Equipment, we offer you a wide selection of good quality, tested and overhauled machines at fair prices in keeping with our motto "QUALITY REBUILT BY EXPERTS".

We sell our Used Equipment in various conditions ranging from functional, overhauled and as new. Irrespective of their state of repair, all our machines undergo functional and safety testing. This ensures that the travelling, operating and safety functions are in full working order.

We offer our customers consistent quality. For this reason, each state of repair is precisely defined, and we are happy to take individual customer requirements into account.

All machines that pass through our workshop are given our Used Equipment seal – a mark which attests to the consistently high level of quality of VÖGELE Used Equipment.

With our VÖGELE Used Equipment network, we can help you find just the right used machine for your needs, all around the world.

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