SUPER 700-3 – the little giant with the maximum range of applications

The SUPER 700-3 is a VÖGELE Mini Class paver that is supremely capable of handling a large number of applications. The range of pave widths extends from 0.5 to 3.2m. Whether surfacing narrow farm tracks or minor roads, paving close to walls and edges, between tram lines or in buildings, when it comes to confined spaces the Mini Class paver from VÖGELE really shows what it is capable of. That makes the SUPER 700-3 the ideal choice in towns and cities as well as for landscaping applications. As such, it is particularly interesting for local authority contractors. This Mini Class paver comes with a powerful 4-cylinder Deutz diesel engine delivering 54kW.

When it comes to technology, the SUPER 700-3 stands out through its ultramodern features. The material conveying concept is ingenious, as is the innovative ErgoBasic operating system. But that is not all. The Mini Class paver now also boasts traction drives in closed loops controlled electronically, ensuring smooth and constant tracking and precise cornering. And finally, the excellent price/performance ratio of this Mini Class paver is not the least of its attractions.

Compact, light and manœuvrable

When the job site is narrow, short or low, that is when the SUPER 700-3 comes into its own. Its dimensions make it the ideal candidate for landscaping applications as well as for surfacing car parks, farm tracks, cycle paths and footpaths. The well-conceived design of the machine permits it to pave up to within 5cm of boundaries, for instance. Meanwhile, thanks to its low overall height of less than 2m, it can operate in low spaces or under canopy roofs. The small clearance width of 1.4m means that even narrow entrances or gates are no obstacle. What is more, with its low outer track gauge of just 1.14m, the Mini Class paver has no problem paving in the milled strip of a small milling machine.

Several feeding options and optimum flow of mix

With a capacity of 5.8t, the material hopper with separately folding sides is designed so that the machine can always be supplied with mix in the best, most cost-effective way, whether from the front by a lorry or from the side using a feeder with offset functionality. To this end, the push-rollers can be adjusted to the left, for instance when paving along walls. When combined with an asymmetrical material hopper, the paver can be conveniently supplied with material by a lorry even in this situation.

The SUPER 700-3 also comes with a powerful material handling system. To achieve an optimum head of mix in front of the screed, a controlled feed with mix and constant monitoring are of utmost importance. The large material hopper holds an ample supply of mix, while the wide conveyor tunnel permits a high throughput. Homogeneous spreading of material is ensured by the large auger blades with a diameter of 300mm. In addition, the height of the augers is infinitely variable, even hydraulically as an option. Centrally supported augers without outer bearings also minimize the risk of material segregation and ensure uniform spreading of material in front of the screed.

The new ErgoBasic operating concept

The ErgoBasic operating concept was developed on the basis of the proven ErgoPlus system, which is installed in VÖGELE's large pavers, and tailored specifically to the needs of Mini Class applications. The aim was to develop an operating system for the small pavers that was just as quick, precise and intuitive to operate as the system for the large machines. That makes VÖGELE the only manufacturer to offer a standardized operating system for all paver classes.

Paver operator’s ErgoBasic console – full control for the machine operator

The functions are arranged in a clear, logical and practical layout that has been inspired by the paver operator’s ErgoPlus console. The types of controls and the symbols used are all in line with those of an ErgoPlus console but have been tailored to the functions of a small paver. There is no need for a display because the status of all settings is indicated as a percentage on LED strips immediately next to the relevant function. LEDs also indicate the set speed selected for the augers and the compacting systems as well as the filling level of the fuel tank.

ErgoBasic remote control unit for the screed – the ultimate in user friendliness

The safe and easy handling of all screed functions is a key factor in high-quality pavement construction. That is why the ErgoBasic remote control unit for the screed was developed specifically for the new SUPER 700-3. Its keypad is laid out logically according to the functional processes. Designed for robustness, it is well able to withstand tough job site conditions. Operation of ErgoBasic is easy to understand and can be learned intuitively in a very short space of time, not least because the symbols used in the proven ErgoPlus operating system were adopted in the design.

The ErgoBasic remote control unit for the screed allows all paving-related functions to be set quickly and easily. That includes direct access to the material handling systems and the sonic sensor for the auger. There is a remote control unit for each side of the screed. The operator has a large range of actions thanks to the magnetic bracket and spiral cable connection. This means that he can always operate the screed from the best possible position, a factor of immense importance particulary when working in confined spaces.

Niveltronic Basic, the System for Automated Grade and Slope Control for the Mini Class

To fit the ErgoBasic operating concept, VÖGELE have also developed a suitable System for Automated Grade and Slope Control, the Niveltronic Basic. Fully integrated into the machine's control system, its main benefit is that it is particularly easy to use. There is a separate remote control unit for each side of the screed. A variety of sensor types is available for Niveltronic Basic. It extends from mechanical sensors to sonic sensors and even includes a laser receiver for work on larger job sites. The System for Automated Grade and Slope Control can simultaneously be connected to two grade sensors and a slope sensor. The type of sensor used is detected automatically.

Precision on tracks

Thanks to powerful separate drives fitted into the sprockets of the crawler tracks, engine output is translated into pave speed with no loss of power. In addition, the crawler tracks fitted with rubber pads deliver maximum traction thanks to the large ground contact area of 1500 x 180mm. This ensures a constant forward speed even when operating on difficult terrain. What is more, the electronic control of the separate drives in the two crawler tracks permits constant tracking and precise cornering.

VÖGELE extending screed for perfect pavement quality

The new AB 220 Extending Screed in V version is specially designed for use with the SUPER 700-3. The screed is designed to play to the strengths of this Mini Class paver. Not only does it deliver the greatest possible variability, it also ensures compliance with VÖGELE's own quality standards.

The cutting-edge machine concept and powerful engine of the SUPER 700-3 permit pave widths ranging from 0.5m to 3.2m. With a basic width of 1.2m, the AB 220 V can be extended hydraulically to a width of 2.2m. Equipped with vibrators, it achieves outstanding precompaction results.

The screed can be easily built up by means of bolt-on extensions. That broadens the range of applications of the SUPER 700-3 with the AB 220 V from the rehabilitation and renewal of minor roads to the backfilling of narrow trenches. Backfilling is performed easily and to a high level of quality thanks to the system for pave width reduction. Once installed, it means the pave width can be reduced infinitely down to 0.5m without the need for any modifications. Since the screed floats on the mix even with the system for pave width reduction installed, it achieves optimal precompaction.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein / November 2016