100% Quality – 100% VÖGELE

A Promise is a Promise

The members of the Board of Directors, Bernhard Düser (left) and Dr Christian Pawlik (right) discuss cutting-edge technology, classic virtues and strong teams.

Dr Pawlik, Mr Düser: the pledge made by VÖGELE is very self-confident: premium quality in every product and every service. How do you intend to deliver on that pledge?

Düser: The standard set by that pledge is very high. On the other hand, as a specialist and leader of the world market, we do not want to take matters lightly. That is why we continuously invest in production technology and our employees.

Dr Pawlik: That is also clearly reflected in our new factory here in Ludwigshafen on the river Rhine: with an area of 370,000m² and cutting-edge technology, the factory focuses exclusively on the production of pavers and screeds – a feature that is unique the world over and one which also guarantees optimum results.

Speaking of “worldwide”: though a typical middle-sized German enterprise, VÖGELE compete with large multinational corporations. What characterizes a successful player in the world market?

Dr Pawlik: We are not a player – we are the leader. As a medium-sized enterprise we can react very quickly and flexibly to changesin basic conditions or new market requirements. Flat hierarchies and shortdecision-making paths allow us to pursue projects and goals pragmatically. But just building good machines is not enough. We also have to provide the first-class service expected by our customers, everywhere and at all times.

Düser: Our biggest asset is that, as part of the WIRTGEN Group’s “Road Technologies” division, we can draw on a worldwide network of sales and service companies, as well as dealers. All the people working in this network are highly specialized, for they devote all their attention exclusively to road construction. No matter where our customers need us – be it in Australia, China or Brazil – we are right there within the shortest possible space of time.

Are there certain corporate guidelines or values that inspire you?

Dr Pawlik: Our corporate culture is certainly shaped by the classical virtues of German engineering. For us and the other members of the WIRTGEN Group, that means combining a high level of innovation with high quality standards and cutting-edge technology. Being close to our customers is another important point for us: we remain in close and constant contact with them in order to learn what is happening on job sites and how everyday requirements are changing in practice.

Dr Pawlik:This customer orientation is instilled in all WIRTGEN Group companies, including JOSEPH VÖGELE AG, and extends across the company’s entire history. Without it, the forge founded by Joseph Vögele in Mannheim in 1836 would never have been able to become one of the oldest and finest industrial companies still operating in Germany today. And that is something we are rightly proud of.