Maximum Quality is our Benchmark

"A World of Quality since 1836" visualizes and formulates the brand core of JOSEPH VÖGELE AG: 100% quality in absolutely all products and services. This is the promise that we from VÖGELE make to our customers and partners the world over.

Our brand core is based on 4 strategic pillars that highlight our uniqueness as a premium brand on the market: Innovation, Technology, Expertise and the Focus on Operators. These are the areas in which we define our lead and with which we have become the worldwide No. 1.


We make our customers successful with innovative machinery and solutions. Being the No. 1 when it comes to innovations is, therefore, one of the guiding principles of our business activities. This applies equally to paving thin, low-noise layers with the VÖGELE SprayJet technology and to the “hot on hot“ paving method using InLine Pave®. NAVITRONIC Plus®, our unique system for 3D machine control and ErgoPlus®, the operating system for road pavers which is extremely easy to learn also demonstrate that the VÖGELE brand stands for power of innovation like no other manufacturer of road paving equipment.


A complete product portfolio with 17 road pavers, 8 screeds and various special-purpose machines establishes the basis for us to be able to cater to our customers’ needs, wherever in the world they might be. In this respect, our entire range of products is highly advanced and characterized by maximum reliability. VÖGELE pavers are the technological highlight in every machine pool.


Here at VÖGELE, we concentrate exclusively on road pavers, screeds and feeders. With no ifs or buts. As “the specialists” in sub-base construction and in paving base and wearing courses, we always are a competent partner and consultant to our customers. Decades of experience in development, production, sales and service give us an extraordinary advantage when it comes to know-how. And it is this advantage that we want to pass on to our customers.

Focus on Operators

Even the best machine with the most advanced technology can only really show its strengths if it can be operated easily and as intuitively as possible. This is why developing a concept for paver handling that focuses on the operator is of special importance to us. With ErgoPlus®, our innovative operating system, customers may rest assured that working with VÖGELE pavers means ease of operation and safety. And a big advantage: anybody who ever worked with ErgoPlus® will easily be familiar with any other VÖGELE paver as well, be it a small or large one.