InLine Pave®

A Powerful Trio for Robust Roads

With this development, VÖGELE landed a hat trick by considerably speeding up the paving process, cutting costs and making roads more durable. With InLine Pave®, the binder and surface courses are paved “hot on hot” in a single pass. This speeds up the roadworks and eliminates the need for full road closure. The three machines involved in the InLine Pave® train – a paver for binder course, a paver for surface course and a feeder – work “in line” one behind the other, leaving one lane open to traffic. An ideal solution for pavement rehabilitation on heavily trafficked roads.

The method as such is economical and very eco-friendly: the layer thickness can be reduced for “hot on hot” paving, thus saving expensive surface course mix. Quality is another aspect: VÖGELE InLine Pave® achieves a perfect bond between binder course and surface course, thus substantially prolonging the new pavement’s service life. Finally, the InLine Pave® train’s modular design maximizes profitability: it is made up of machines in series production with just a few minor modifications. All these machines can be used individually for other jobs as well.