SprayJet Technology

Two Innovations in One Machine

This innovation by VÖGELE is the method of choice for the economical paving of high-quality asphalt surface courses. With VÖGELE SprayJet technology, bitumen emulsion can be sprayed and overlaid with a thin asphalt surfacing, all in one pass. Spray pavers suitable for this process have been built in the past, but they never managed to establish themselves – mainly because they were suitable just for paving thin layers, but not for conventional paving.

With SprayJet technology, VÖGELE have remedied this shortcoming. A standard SUPER 1800-2 is converted into a spray paver quickly and easily by adding a module. The spray function is simply activated and deactivated at the push of a button. As the machine can also be used for conventional paving jobs at any time, the investment pays off quickly.