Top Quality for the Surface, Too

Even from a distance, the typical green colour used by VÖGELE immediately stands out on every job site. What is not immediately apparent is that the surface of our pavers and screeds is particularly durable and resistant to corrosion. To further enhance this, we have invested in a powder coating facility for our new factory, with two booths for finishing the machines in different colours. Hardness, elasticity, adhesive strength and above all the resistance to corrosion of powder-coated surfaces are considerably better than those of conventionally painted coatings. This also makes them particularly durable and strong. What’s more, the powder coating facility proves that quality, cost-efficiency and environmental protection can go hand in hand. The heat produced when baking the powder coating, for example, is used to dry the components after cleaning or to heat the factory halls in winter. For VÖGELE, green is more than just a colour.