Even Professionals Never Stop Learning

VÖGELE train several thousand people every year in the new "Centre for Training and Technology" (CTT). This is where our customers learn everything they need to know about our pavers and about applications technology. Even complex information and relationships can be vividly presented with modern presentation systems – learning has never been so easy.

The training programme is recompiled every year in line with the latest paver technology. We also offer company-specific training so that the subject matter can be tuned to a company’s particular needs. Whatever you want to learn, our experts always pass on valuable information and more than a few handy tips.

Theory is then put to practice on our outdoor training site. Here, we have an area of 1,000m2 on which to reproduce a vast array of different paving situations, explain the respective functions directly on the machine and then practise their implementation immediately in a real-life exercise. This is where our users learn perfect control of the machines from VÖGELE. This is where professionals become experts.