Great Know-How and Passion, Too

To become a world market leader requires every ounce of one’s strength for a single task. This is the case at VÖGELE: since 1929, we have concentrated on pavers, screeds and feeders. These machines are developed, designed and built by VÖGELE. We deliver them and we service them. And we pass our know-how on to the customers so that they can use their VÖGELE machines to the best possible effect. This benefits everyone: contractors, customers and the innumerable people worldwide travelling along our roads.

Machine technology is one thing, road construction expertise another. Yet both are inextricably linked.VÖGELE are recognized as being the specialist for sub-base, base course and surface course construction. This comprehensive professional competence allows us help our customers, throughout the world and at any time, with employees who are fully familiar with every aspect of road construction. Whatever you are planning – our experienced experts can provide the professional know-how, in theory as well as in practice, and support you when using our machines for the first time.