Technology for People

The Perfect Combination of Man and Machine

Operator on operator's stand.
Operator in front of a Vögele paver.
Smiling operator.
Young, smiling operator.

Pavers from VÖGELE are equipped with cutting-edge technology. To ensure that our customers can use this technology safely and confidently, we have made it very easy and intuitive: anyone who has ever learned the ErgoPlus® operating concept can afterwards control every paver in which it is installed. Paver and screed operators always remain in perfect command of their machine. Man and machine make a perfect team.

One of our most important jobs is to develop technology that works easily and helps the paving team make the best possible use of their skills. Our customers‘ long-standing confidence and the fact that they have brought us to the top of the world market for pavers prove that we have achieved this goal.

Whatever you may be planning: it‘ll work with VÖGELE.

Enthusiasm is Our Most Powerful Motor

Our pledge to develop technology for people is not confined to machinery alone. It also shapes our ideas on how we cooperate with our customers.

At VÖGELE, we put users and their objectives at the heart of all our considerations. Working in close consultation, we compile a customized package of services tailored to our users’ needs, comprising the ideal machines, personal support and – if desired – intensive training. We help them achieve optimum paving results at all times and are always ready to listen if their needs change.

It is thanks to this equitable partnership that VÖGELE customers around the world are always thoroughly satisfied. And this satisfaction, in turn, motivates our employees to do their utmost, day in, day out – whether they work in production, services or any of the other sections of our company.