This is Where VÖGELE’s Heart Beats

The screed is the most important part when building a top-quality asphalt pavement with a paver: the screed applies the mix to the road, profiles and compacts it. Which is why VÖGELE have continuously designed, developed and built their own screeds and have been improving screed technology for decades. The flexibility needed for all road construction jobs is assured by a large variety of modern extending screeds and fixed-width screeds. During the further development of VÖGELE screeds, we constantly incorporate new requirements in road construction and find the best possible technical solution to these.

In order to build roads of high quality, all VÖGELE screeds feature an efficient, modern electric heating system, as well as intelligent high-precision monitoring and control functions. In addition, VÖGELE have also been supplying high compaction technology for its screeds for decades. During the actual paving process, the highest possible compaction values are achieved by the paver with pressure bars driven by pulsed-flow hydraulics. This, in turn, creates the basis for an excellent pavement structure from the very outset and a perfectly even, long-lasting road.