The Full Range in Every Respect

Multi-lane motorways, municipal roads, narrow pathways, sturdy stockyards or particularly durable pavement rehabilitation: VÖGELE’s range of products includes the right machine for every job – from small to large pavers. These pavers can easily manage every pave width from 50cm to 16m.

Yet this versatility is not an end in itself. It is far more the logical consequence of our promise to offer our customers solutions and not just machines. That is why every last technical detail of our pavers and screeds is matched to the needs and customs of the various markets. And that is why we developed our VISION series specially for the North American and Australian markets, in addition to the comprehensive SUPER series.

And that is also what we mean when we say that VÖGELE are the technology leader. We are not just interested in engineering achievements. What we want is to convert these achievements into solutions for our customers. And this is precisely what sets us apart in the world market.´