VÖGELE Booklet on Paving

The invaluable tool for road construction.

The VÖGELE Booklet on Paving is a useful tool with invaluable recommendations for optimum set-up of paver and screed, comprehensive answers to many questions on practical paving and a host of details on technology and paving materials, also making it ideal for private study. This is the 4th edition of this practical Booklet which has undergone extensive revision in terms of both content and design. Completely new chapters have also been added on material feeder technology, SprayJet technology and InLine Pave technology for dual-layer asphalt paving.

The new Booklet on Paving is a practical reference work for customers, users and other interested parties. Just look into it!

Are you interested? The Booklet on Paving can be ordered in eleven languages: Brazilian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Other languages will be coming soon.

Just send us your order by e-mail to spareparts@voegele.info. We look forward to hearing from you.