15m Pave Width: New Runway for Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport, Germany

VÖGELE SUPER 3000-2 rehabilitates runway.

Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport in Germany is currently being converted. The initial work involved enlarging the overall surface area so that the runway could be extended later on. The first stage of asphalt paving work for this infrastructure project took the form of rehabilitating and widening the existing runway. A new SUPER 3000-2 was used to this end, and handled the task in the shortest time thanks to its large pave width.

This aerial photograph shows the existing airport site (marked in white), including the runway before the extension.

Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport is the transport hub of an innovative economic region. The city of Braunschweig itself is home to numerous universities and research institutes, earning it the title of “Science City” in the year 2007. Among other businesses, companies in the automotive industry and the high-tech sector are also located in the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg-Salzgitter region. The existing runway is in need of rehabilitation and, with a length of 1,688m, is no longer sufficient to cater to the larger and heavier aircraft that are in use nowadays. Therefore, 620m of new runway are to be added in the course of this year.

Airport for research and industry

Paving “hot to hot”: at Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport, the SUPER 3000-2 and SUPER 2100-2 pavers worked in echelon.

“The entire region will benefit from the airport expansion,” said Boris Gelfert, Managing Director of the airport operating company. “In general, a longer runway naturally means greater safety for flight operations. What’s more, the airport serves the German Aerospace Centre and the institutes of Braunschweig University of Technology as an important site for research activities. And last but not least, many businesses also use the airport.” After completion of the work, the airport will be perfectly equipped to cater to all of these requirements.

Rehabilitation and widening with the SUPER 2100-2

The first step on the path to a new dimension: rehabilitation of the existing runway by a German joint venture between construction companies Johann Bunte Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG and Matthäi Bauunternehmen GmbH & Co. KG. The team first of all used two WIRTGEN W 2200 milling machines to remove 4cm of the existing wearing course. Two SUPER 2100-2 then paved a new asphalt base. This was to eliminate existing unevenness and to realize the specified crown of +1.5%. Furthermore, the runway had to be widened from 30m to 45m, i.e. a whole 50%. To this end, the two SUPER 2100-2 pavers each placed new crushed-stone base, new water-bound base and a new asphalt base left and right of the existing runway across a width of 7.5m.

SB 300-2TV Fixed-Width Screed built up to a pave width of 15m

Impressive width: the SB 300-2 TV Fixed-width Screed of the SUPER 3000-2 was built up to 15m.

The new 45m wide runway was then completed extremely quickly as now it was the turn of the SUPER 3000-2. This paver is the ideal machine for particularly wide paving projects. “One of the reasons why we decided in favour of using the SUPER 3000-2 was because we only had 11 days in which to lay more than 50,000 tonnes of asphalt,” reported Erwin Gommel, Senior Site Manager of Bunte. “We were already impressed by the enormous pave width of the SUPER 3000-2 at bauma 2010. That’s why we decided to use it for this project.” In combination with the SB 300-2 TV Fixed-Width Screed in TV version, developed specifically for this paver, the SUPER 3000-2 easily handles large areas. The new screed, which just like the paver was presented to industry experts for the first time at bauma 2010, has a basic width of 3m and can be built up to a maximum width of 16m using bolt-on extensions. In Braunschweig, this potential was exploited almost to the full with the screed being built up to a pave width of 15m. The high laydown rate of up to 1,600 tonnes of mix per hour and the large hopper capacity of the new paver also proved to be extremely advantageous on this job site.

High-speed paving “hot to hot”

Thanks to the SUPER 3000-2’s high-performance components, there is always sufficient mix in front of the screed, even when working across large pave widths.

In Braunschweig, the SUPER 3000-2 and SUPER 2100-2 pavers were working in echelon. 6cm binder course and 4cm wearing course were paved “hot to hot” by the two pavers in two sets of two strips. For the binder course, asphaltic concrete of the type AC 16 B S was used with 25/55 – 55 A binder. The wearing course material was AC 11 D S (25/55 – 55 A). Two HAMM DV 90 VO rollers and one HD 110 roller subsequently achieved a final density of 98%. That is a whole percentage point above the specified value of 97%, thus ensuring that the runway will stand up extremely well under the heavy flight traffic load in the long term. For grade and slope control, both pavers were equipped with the non-contacting acoustic sensor system VÖGELE Big MultiPlex Ski. The result is a new, wider runway with optimum surface properties that will ensure perfectly smooth take-offs and landings.

Pros praise the easy operation of the SUPER 3000-2

Erwin Gommel, Senior Site Manager of Bunte

Frank Jilge, head of the paving team, and his people were surprised that such an impressive machine is so easy to operate. “My team is highly experienced in working with large pave widths,” he reported. This made the pros all the more enthusiastic about the paver's handling with the ErgoPlus® operating system. “Operating the SUPER 3000-2 is child’s play. The mood on the job site was also very good because of this.” The finished result, too, added to the general good mood: as planned, the 50,000 tonnes of asphalt were laid in just 11 working days, allowing the airport to be approved for flight operations again on 27 July. The next stage of the project involves extending the length of the runway by 620m.

Job Site Details

The material hopper of the SUPER 3000-2 holds 17.5 tonnes as standard.

Rehabilitation and widening of the runway at Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport, Germany

Length of job site: 1,688m
Width of job site: 45m

Paving Details
Pave width:
2 strips, each 15m wide (SUPER 3000-2)
2 strips, each 7.5m wide (SUPER 2100-2)
Layer thickness:
Base course 10cm (average)
Binder course 6cm
Wearing course 4cm

Base course: AC 22 T S (50/70)
Binder course: AC 16 B S (25/55 – 55 A)
Wearing course: AC 11 D S (25/55 – 55 A)

2 WIRTGEN W 2200 Milling Machines
SUPER 3000-2with SB 300-2 TV Fixed-Width Screed
2 SUPER 2100-2 with AB 500-2 TV Extending Screeds
MT 1000-1 Mobile Feeder
2 HAMM DV 90 VO and 1 HD 110 Rollers