5.2km of Motorway Rehabilitated in Just Four Night Shifts

Road rehabilitation with InLine Pave® on the A 61 motorway in Germany

Motorway roadworks might be considered the natural enemy of every car driver. Many drivers at least share this opinion when it comes to rehabilitating crumbling or deformed road pavements. This is understandable, as reduced speeds and narrow lanes at the scene of the roadworks often lead to bottlenecks and traffic piling up. With InLine Pave®, VÖGELE have developed a concept allowing to reduce traffic obstruction to a minimum. Minimum obstruction also was a great benefit when it came to rehabilitating the lorry lane on the German A 61 motorway between Ludwigshafen junction and Frankenthal, where InLine Pave® machines renewed a 5.2km section in just four night shifts.

Vögele paver at night.

InLine Pave® allows the duration of long-term job sites to be drastically reduced, as was once again proven by the construction consortium of Wilhelm Faber GmbH & Co. and Eurovia GmbH during the pavement rehabilitation work on the A 61 motorway, where everything went like clockwork during the four nightshifts.

First the milling machines, then the InLine Pave® train

“Hot on hot“ paving proceeded as usual on the A 61 motorway. Three WIRTGEN milling machines, two W 2000 and one W 100 F, removed the old asphalt pavement to a depth of 12cm and loaded the milled material onto lorries – 2,000 tonnes each night. At some distance behind the milling machines followed the VÖGELE InLine Pave® train made up of three team players: the MT 1000-1 IP Mobile Feeder for mix supply, a SUPER 2100-2 IP paver with AB 600-2 IP Extending Screed for laying binder course and a SUPER 1600-2 with AB 500-2 TV Extending Screed for laying surface course. The pavers placed 10cm of binder course mix (0/22 S) and a 2cm surfacing.

The InLine Pave® train completed 1.3km each night

Michael Wenz, paver operator of contractor Faber.

The VÖGELE pavers worked at a pave speed of 3.5m/min. and in 4.7m width, progressing around 1.3km each night. Of course, accuracy of levels, too, was in the focus of the roadworks. The accuracy stipulated for both new construction and rehabilitation of German motorways is < 4mm measured over a 4m stretch. In order to meet this requirement, the VÖGELE machines came with two sonic grade sensors connected to NIVELTRONIC Plus®. As references, they used the adjacent lane on the left-hand side and the shoulder on the right side.

Final compaction with HAMM's new flagship HD+ 140

Three HAMM tandem rollers with oscillation technology compacted the freshly paved lorry lane right behind the InLine Pave® machines. Among the group of rollers was HAMM’s new flagship, the HD+ 140 model launched quite recently into the market. This heavy, articulated roller with an operating weight of 14 tonnes sets new standards with a cabin offering room for the operator to an extent never known before, with perfect visibility and impressing performance data. For Michael Weirich, foreman for asphalt paving at contractor Faber, the HD+ 140 was the ideal roller for final compaction of the asphalt layers paved “hot on hot”.

2,000 tonnes of material transported to the job every night

Night shifts like those on the A 61 are always backed up by a perfect logistical organization. The work began at 8 p.m. and the VÖGELE machines started paving at 10 p.m. Dozens of feed lorries lined up on the job site to ensure uninterrupted supply of the pavers with hot mix. Every 5 to 8 minutes, a lorry loaded with binder material docked with the Mobile Feeder and dumped its load into the transfer vehicle’s receiving hopper. Material for surface course was required every 5 to 10 minutes. This way, a total of 2,000 tonnes of hot mix were supplied every night.

Major savings of cost and time

InLine Pave® job sites stand out though an enormous saving of time. Construction time alone is reduced by roughly half. This also was a great benefit on the A 61 motorway in Germany: the roadworks were completed after just four night shifts. And saving of time, of course, also cuts cost – as does the fact that “hot on hot” paving requires less fresh material for surface course.

Map of Germany.

Job Site Details
Rehabilitation of lorry lane in four night shifts on the A 61 motorway between Ludwigshafen and Frankenthal, Germany

Length of section: 5.2km

Paving Details
Pave width: 4.7m
Layer thickness: 10cm binder course
2cm surface course

Paving Material
Binder course: asphaltic binder (Abi 0/22 S) with binder (PmB 45 A)
Surface course: stone mastic asphalt
(SMA 0/8 S) with binder (PmB 45 A)

InLine Pave® train comprising:
MT 1000-1 IP Mobile Feeder
SUPER 2100-2 IP with AB 600-2 IP
Extending Screed
SUPER 1600-2 with AB 500-2 TV
Extending Screed
WIRTGEN W 2000 and W 100 F Milling
HAMM DV 90 VO and HD+ 140 Rollers