Over the Alps with NAVITRONIC® Basic and Swiss Precision

Use of the new VÖGELE 3D control system for wheeled pavers.

NAVITRONIC®, the innovative System for 3D Machine Control of VÖGELE pavers, is getting increasingly established throughout the world. Switzerland, too, has become an important market. The new NAVITRONIC® Basic, specially developed for wheeled pavers, was applied for the first time in Switzerland by contractor König Strassen- und Tiefbau, a subsidiary of the Kibag Group. For its Swiss première, contractor König used the new system for reconstruction of a 7.5km section on the A 2 motorway, better known as the “Gotthard route”.

Reconstruction of the Gotthard route

The A 2 motorway is one of the most important north-south links in Europe. At its heart lies the famous St. Gotthard road tunnel carrying most of the transit traffic from Switzerland, Germany and Italy. A 7.5km long stretch between the villages of Seedorf and Erstfeld, next to the tunnel‘s north entrance, needed rehabilitating. Contractor König was awarded the contract for reconstruction and his team tackled the northbound carriageway first. On this job site, the old concrete pavement was replaced with a low-noise asphalt (type AC MR 8) featuring high load bearing capacity. The old concrete, recycled on site, could be reused as aggregate.

A wheeled SUPER 1803-2 with NAVITRONIC® Basic on the scene

A match for high precision: NAVITRONIC® Basic and total station from Leica.

Contractor König chose a wheeled SUPER 1803-2 paver with AB 500-2 TV Extending Screed for placing the asphalt layers. For the first time NAVITRONIC® Basic, the new VÖGELE system for 3D control of wheeled pavers, was on the scene here to carry out grade and slope control. Tight tolerance requirements had to be met from the outset, with specified limits of ±2mm. In order to comply with these demands, contractor König opted for a total station from Leica. The entire team swears on the combination of total station and VÖGELE 3D control system. “The two components co-operated perfectly. There were no problems whatsoever as regards the total station’s integration into NIVELTRONIC Plus®, the System for Automated Grade and Slope Control” says Peter Klötzli, Site Supervisor of König. “With NAVITRONIC® Basic we achieved excellent paving results, just as on other sites where we used NAVITRONIC Plus®. The two systems work almost identically, so there was no need to adjust or relearn the new equipment.”

Traffic loads are shouldered by five layers

Five-layer pavement structure: new stability for the Gotthard route.

The structure of pavement layers for this busy motorway was dimensioned so as to withstand the traffic loads for as long as possible. Every year, some 6 million vehicles use the Gotthard route to cross the Alps, lorries account for roughly 20%. For this reason, a five-layer structure was stipulated by the contract letting authority. Each of the first four layers was 8cm thick. The first and second layers were so-called hot-mix foundation layers made of asphaltic concrete (AC F 22). They were followed by an asphalt base (asphaltic concrete type AC EME 22 C2) and a binder course (AC EME 22 C1). For the wearing course, 3cm thick, material of the type AC MR 8 was laid. This resulted in an asphalt pavement with a total thickness of 35cm.

Tight tolerance limits of ±2mm reliably met by the VÖGELE 3D control system

NAVITRONIC® Basic was used for placing the two hot-mix foundation layers. For the asphalt base, the contractor’s paving team equipped their paver with a multi-cell sonic sensor to scan the foundation. Then, for paving binder course, it was again the VÖGELE 3D control system’s turn, while for the wearing course, the paving team once more opted for the multi-cell sonic sensor. This way of proceeding ensured that the tolerance limits of ±2mm were reliably met at every point of the job site, as measurements proved. Both the contract letting authority and the contractor profited greatly from the fact that there was no need for the costly installation of tensioned wires.

NAVITRONIC® Basic welcomed by the entire paving team

Peter Klötzli, Site Supervisor of König Strassen- und Tiefbau.

“Our entire paving team is a great fan of the VÖGELE technology. We now use NAVITRONIC Plus® or NAVITRONIC® Basic on every other job site, which shows how happy we are with the system” says Peter Klötzli. Moreover, highly qualified service personnel of VÖGELE can always be contacted by phone and on-site appointments arranged even at short notice. Klötzli: “This is extremely useful for our everyday work on site.”

Job Site Details
Pavement reconstruction on the A 2 motorway between Seedorf and Erstfeld, Switzerland

Length of section: 7.5km
Width of section: 7.6m

Required accuracy: ± 2mm

Paving Details
Pave width: 3.8m

Layer Thickness
1st hot-mix foundation layer: 8cm
2nd hot-mix foundation layer: 8cm
Base course: 8cm
Binder course: 8cm
Wearing course: 3cm

1st hot-mix foundation layer:
25,000t of asphaltic concrete (AC F 22)

2nd hot-mix foundation layer:
25,000t of asphaltic concrete (AC F 22)

Base course:
25,000t of asphaltic concrete (AC EME 22 C2)

Binder course:
36,000t of asphaltic concrete (AC EME 22 C1)

Wearing course:
20,000t of wearing course material (AC MR 8)

Total quantity of mix paved:
131,000 tonnes

SUPER 1803-2 with AB 500-2 Extending Screed in TV Version and NAVITRONIC® Basic