Thinking Big: SUPER 3000-2 Realizes Spanish Infrastructure Project

New construction of an orbital motorway to bypass Barcelona, Spain

Construction of the B-40 orbital motorway on the doorstep of Barcelona was a major project in every respect. With an investment volume of EUR 1.9 billion, the roughly 50km long bypass around the Catalan capital represented one of Spain’s most significant infrastructure projects. And it was as if the project had been made to measure for the most powerful of VÖGELE pavers. Directly after taking delivery of its SUPER 3000-2, contractor Pavimentos Barcelona S.A. – in brief Pabasa – transported the behemoth to the job site, where its first task awaited it: paving wearing course.

Some 40,000 vehicles will soon be using the new B-40 orbital motorway each day.

The new B-40 orbital motorway to bypass Barcelona is one of the most important economic and transport policy projects of Spain. The motorway runs some 25km to the north of Spain’s second largest city and connects the cities of Abrera, Terrassa, Granollers and Sant Celoni. The forecast traffic volume for the roughly 50km long route is some 40,000 vehicles per day. And the demands on the road structure were correspondingly high. The contract for the asphalt paving work was awarded to Spanish construction company Pabasa.

SUPER 3000-2 flexes its muscles to the full

Based on its high performance, the SUPER 3000-2 managed to pave a perfect surfacing in the shortest time.

To build the new section near Viladecavalls, Pabasa used the SUPER 3000-2, a paver that is predestined for large-scale projects. The width of the job site varied between 12m and 18m. The pave width was between 10.5m and 15.5m, with the wearing course placed in one pass. No problem for the SUPER 3000-2: this new machine is in its element wherever high laydown rates and large pave widths have to be realized. It features a maximum laydown rate of 1,600 tonnes/h and a maximum pave width of 16m. The systems for conveying and spreading the mix, too, are designed for highest performance. Conveyors and augers ensure that exactly the required amount of mix is available in front of the screed at all times, even when operating at the maximum pave speed of 24m/min.

Paving economically in ECO Mode

Easy handling thanks to the ErgoPlus® screed console.

Of course, a powerful engine is also crucial when it comes to managing large volumes of mix and wide pave widths. Therefore, a high-performance 6-cylinder DEUTZ diesel engine developing 300kW at 1,800 rpm is installed in the SUPER 3000-2. However, the paving team was surprised by the efficiency of the machine: for paving wearing course to a thickness of 4cm and in widths between 10.5m and 15.5m, the engine’s ECO Mode was totally sufficient. ECO Mode decreases the engine output to 292kW at 1,500 rpm, thus also reducing both fuel consumption and noise emissions.

VÖGELE Mobile Feeder used for mix supply

The feed lorry transfers the mix to the mobile feeder, which in turn supplies it to the SUPER 3000-2. This way, paving can proceed without interruption.

In order to ensure that the supply of mix from the feed lorries to the paver went as smoothly as possible, a VÖGELE MT 1000-1 Mobile Feeder was deployed upstream of the SUPER 3000-2. The feeder received the mix (SMA 0/11 S with 25/55 – 55 binder) from the lorries and transferred it to the heavy-duty paver via its belt conveyor. Due to non-stop feeding of the paver with mix, paving could proceed without interruptions, making the roadworks extremely cost-effective. Furthermore, the non-contacting transfer of mix from the feeder provides for a particularly high quality of paving.

Maximum evenness thanks to Big MultiPlex Ski

Perfect evenness thanks to two Big MultiPlex Skis: the binder course served as a reference for the sensor system.

Likewise important for a high pavement quality was compliance with the specified evenness: the maximum permissible deviation was ± 4mm over a distance of 4m. In order to stay within these limits, the Pabasa team equipped their SUPER 3000-2 with two VÖGELE Big MultiPlex Skis, one on the right and one on the left side of the machine. The binder course served as a reference. The Big MultiPlex Ski is a sensor system operating with three multi-cell sonic sensors attached to a modular beam ranging from 5 to 13m in length. An average is calculated from the measured values, transmitted to NIVELTRONIC Plus®, the VÖGELE System for Automated Grade and Slope Control, and compared with the specified value. If necessary, corrections are initiated. The Big MultiPlex Ski is especially suited for job sites where long irregularities need to be levelled out. On the job in Catalonia, this sensor system proved once again its outstanding suitability for use in motorway construction projects.

Advanced technology from VÖGELE and HAMM for perfect paving result

A proud team: the personnel of Pabasa were more than pleased with their heavy-duty SUPER 3000-2 paver.

With an average pave speed of 3 to 4m/min., the contractor’s team achieved a very good paving result, not least thanks to the perfect interaction between the advanced VÖGELE technology comprising the SUPER 3000-2, the SB 300-2 TV Fixed-Width Screed, the Big MultiPlex Ski and the VÖGELE Mobile Feeder. A substantial contribution to this result was also rendered by HAMM rollers, which compacted the asphalt layer to its final density. On the scene were two HD 130 tandem rollers and a GRW 18 pneumatic-tyred roller.

Job Site Details

Paving wearing course on the new B-40 orbital motorway near Viladecavalls, Spain

Width of section: 12 - 18m

Paving Details
Pave width: 10.5 - 15.5m
Layer thickness: 4cm

SMA 0/11 S (25/55 – 55)

MT 1000-1 Mobile Feeder
SUPER 3000-2 with SB 300-2 Fixed-Width Screed in TV Version
HAMM HD 130 Tandem Rollers and GRW 18 Pneumatic-tyred Roller