NAVITRONIC Plus® Delivers Excellent Performance

SUPER 1800-2 with 3D machine control places base course in Germany.

The L 356 road connecting Hochdorf and Nagold Vollmaringen in Baden-Württemberg has been renewed. Contractor Reif Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG grasped this opportunity to get to grips with NAVITRONIC Plus®, the VÖGELE System for 3D Machine Control. It controls fully automatically not only the pavement’s grade and slope and the layer thickness, but also the screed’s position and the paver’s direction of motion. A successful endeavour which left the entire paving team impressed with the system’s advantages.

Vögele paver.

It was planned to build the new L 356 between Hochdorf und Nagold-Vollmaringen as a curving road with numerous changes in transverse profile, 1,600m long, 7m wide and without kerbs. Although a rural road already linked the two towns and part of it was to be incorporated into the new route, some stretches of the road were to be built from scratch.

3D machine control with virtual reference

Calibration of NAVITRONIC Plus®.

How is such a road to be built in compliance with the planned route, true line and level, when no kerbs are available as a reference for paving? Machine control with NAVITRONIC Plus® is an innovative, economical and also a quick way of achieving precisely that. The 3D system developed by VÖGELE uses the project’s digital survey data to guide the paver along the planned route and automatically adhere not only to the specified layer thickness, but also to the longitudinal grade and transverse slope. The time-consuming and costly process of setting up tensioned wires can be dispensed with, as the system operates with a virtual reference instead.

Paving without tensioned wires

Grade and slope control without tensioned wires: NAVITRONIC Plus® uses digital data to control the paver.

For the L 356 project, contractor Reif Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG installed NAVITRONIC Plus® on a SUPER 1800-2. PaveSmart 3D from Leica was used as a system for measurement and data processing. Since the contractor wanted to try the technology thoroughly, the paving team first built a sub-base comprising an anti-freeze layer, 12 – 15cm thick, and a crushed-stone base using a GPS-controlled bulldozer. As Senior Site Supervisor Thomas Nagel explained, “the aim was that the layers placed on top of the sub-base by the paver could also be completed without tensioned wires”. A 10cm combined anti-freeze/base course, some 7m wide, was laid first. For this job, the AB 500-2 Extending Screed in TP1 version had been built up with two sets of 75cm bolt-on extensions.

Instruction during the paving process

The team soon got to grips with NAVITRONIC Plus®.

For the team it was a premiere. It was the very first time they had worked with NAVITRONIC Plus®. Service engineers from VÖGELE were on site at the beginning to provide practical assistance. “It was basically a case of practical learning on the job,” said Nagel. “After the second day, the paving team were largely able to operate the new control system on their own.” They could also rely on the support of the surveyors on site whenever survey-related issues arose, particularly with regard to set-up of the tachymeters and calibration of NAVITRONIC Plus®. By the way: NAVITRONIC Plus® is calibrated using the familiar and proven ErgoPlus® operating system from VÖGELE.

Impressive advantages

The total station.

Longitudinal grade and transverse slope, layer thickness, pave width of the screed and the paver’s direction of motion – all these coordinates are controlled fully automatically by NAVITRONIC Plus®, thus yielding a perfect paving result. For Senior Site Supervisor Nagel, the outcome of the project was very positive: “With its advantages, NAVITRONIC Plus® was definitely a big hit on this job site. It offers a way to complete an entire road building project including asphalt layers without a need for tensioned wires.”

Job Site Details
Construction of the L 356 road connecting Hochdorf and Nagold-Vollmaringen, Germany
Length of section: 1.6km
Width of section: 7m

Paving Details
Pave width: 7m
Layer thickness: 10cm

Material for combined anti-freeze/base course (KFT)

SUPER 1800-2 with AB 500-2 Extending Screed in TP1 Version