“Swiss Champion”: VÖGELE Technology Sets New Speed Record

“Hot on hot” through the Zürich highlands, Switzerland.

Pavement rehabilitation of a 7.7km stretch of the A 53 motorway in the Zürich highlands broke all records: the roadworks were completed and all traces of the job site vanished within a speedy 51 hours. Never before had a project of this length in Switzerland been completed so swiftly. And all kudos went to the VÖGELE InLine Pave® train used by Swiss contractor Awestra.

Paving train of Vögele

Repaired in record time: paving work on the A 53 / Zürichstrasse job site near Aathal was able to be completed extremely quickly thanks to the InLine Pave® technique. For the VÖGELE InLine Pave® train places binder course and wearing course in a single pass – this saves time. The joint venture between contractors Awestra AG and Strabag Zürich opted for the new technology at the initiative of Awestra’s Managing Director, Roger Reichmuth.

“Hot on hot” paving over a distance of 7.7km

Binder and wearing courses placed in a single pass: thanks to the InLine Pave®

All told, 7.7 kilometres of road were rehabilitated using the new paving method. These involved two 2km stretches in both directions of the A 53 motorway, plus a 3.7km stretch of Zürichstrasse between the towns of Uster and Wetzikon. Zürichstrasse is a highroad that closes a gap in the A 53. On the complete job site, the screeds of the two pavers in the InLine Pave® train were configured for a pave width of 7.5m. For an InLine Pave® job, the SUPER 2100-2 IP for paving binder course always comes with the AB 600-2 Extending Screed in TP2 Plus version. For placing wearing course, contractor Awesta combined its SUPER 1600-2 with an AB 500-2 Extending Screed in TV version. A VÖGELE MT 1000-1 Mobile Feeder alternately supplied the two machines with binder and wearing course mixes throughout the entire project.

Setting the “Swiss record” with the VÖGELE paving train

Paving team celebrates the record-breaking job site.

For pavement rehabilitation of the motorway section, the contractor’s paving team worked in a constant pave width of 7.5m and placed 9.5cm binder course and 2.5cm wearing course. On the highroad section, the SUPER 2100-2 IP and SUPER 1600-2 placed layers of identical thickness but in pave widths varying between 5.5 and 7m. After 51 hours in all, the roadworks were completed: the paving team had rehabilitated the 7.7km stretch and placed some 20,000 tonnes of mix. With this outcome they had set the “Swiss record” for paving. Afterwards, all parties involved were full of praise for the InLine Pave® technology. And the Managing Director of Awestra, Roger Reichmuth, has great plans for the paving train: “My vision is pavement rehabilitation of the A 1 motorway, which is roughly 360km long and traverses the whole of Switzerland, in just one year. Thanks to the new VÖGELE technology, this is now a real possibility.”

“Paving only takes half as long”

The InLine Pave® train restored the A 53 motorway's load bearing capacity.

Rolf Vaqué of the Canton of Zürich’s Building Department, who accompanied the roadworks as a representative of the contract-letting authority, was also convinced of the “hot on hot” technique’s advantages: “We gain a day during each phase of paving and have greater certainty that we can comply with the time schedule.” The new technique offers advantages above all for trunk roads. “Paving now only takes half as long as before,” said Reichmuth. “On the Aathal job site, we gained four days during the six weeks of roadworks.” After completing the A 53 road rehabilitation project, the team of contractor Awestra and their VÖGELE InLine Pave® train carried out two more pavement rehabilitation jobs in the towns of Küsnacht and Stäfa, Canton of Zürich.

Roger Reichmuth, Managing Director of Awestra AG.

Job Site Details
Pavement rehabilitation on the A 53 motorway between Uster Nord and Uster East and on a highroad, Switzerland

Length of section: 7.7km
(2x2km on the A 53 motorway between Uster Nord and Uster East, 3.7km on the Zürichstrasse highroad between Uster and Wetzikon)

Width of section: 5.5 - 7.5m in each direction

Paving Details
Pave width: 5.5 - 7.5m
Layer thickness: binder course 9.5cm
wearing course 2.5cm

Binder course:
asphaltic concrete AC 22 EME C1 PMB 10/40-70 E
Wearing course:
asphaltic concrete AC MR8 PMB 45/65 E

Zürichstrasse (highroad)
Binder course:
asphaltic concrete AC 22 EME C1 PMB 10/40-70 E
Wearing course:
asphaltic concrete AC 8 H PMB 45/65 E

Total quantity of mix paved: 20,000 tonnes

Paving train of Vögele.

VÖGELE InLine Pave® train comprising:
MT 1000-1 Mobile Feeder
SUPER 2100-2 IP for Binder Course with AB 600-2 Extending Screed in TP2 Plus Version
SUPER 1600-2 for Wearing Course with AB 500-2 Extending Screed in TV Version

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