SUPER 1300-2: The Paver That Does It All (I)

Construction of diversion lane. Requirement: performance.

Thanks to its excellent performance, the SUPER 1300-2 also cut a fine figure on the motorway job site.

The A 8 is one of Germany’s very heavily trafficked motorways. And its enormous traffic load is increasing continuously. At present, the A8 is being widened to six lanes between the “Karlsbad” and “Pforzheim-West” junctions. To avoid disruptions to traffic during the construction work, one lane of westbound traffic from Stuttgart to Karlsruhe was moved to the other side of the motorway in a contraflow system. Contractor Martin Paschmann Asphaltbau GmbH built a new lane for the purpose on the central reservation using a SUPER 1300-2 from VÖGELE.

Operating a paver with ErgoPlus® is always easy, whatever the job.

The SUPER 1300-2 excels itself on the A8

The Paschmann team is proud of their versatile SUPER 1300-2.

The 560m stretch was the first motorway job undertaken by contractor Paschmann. Normally, the company specializes in smaller jobs, frequently surfacing footpaths or cycle paths. “The SUPER 1300-2 is highly manœuvrable and can even enter narrow courtyards,” explains Managing Director and proprietor Martin Paschmann when asked why he once decided to purchase this paver. Now he has pulled off the motorway job with aplomb thanks to the SUPER 1300-2’s excellent performance. Paschmann was delighted with the additional areas of application which this powerful machine offered his company: “Without the paver, we would have had to turn down the job.”

Driving on a closed lane

Operating a paver with ErgoPlus® is always easy, whatever the job.

The pave width was 3.9m. The AB 340 Extending Screed in TV version, which can be hydraulically extended to a width of 3.4m, was fitted with 40cm bolt-on extensions for the job. An 18cm thick base was first placed in two 9cm layers, followed by a 9cm binder course of asphaltic concrete. Finally, stone mastic asphalt was paved for the 4cm surface course. “As part of the job on the A8 motorway, we also built five crossovers over the central reservation,” says Paschmann. “They are required for the redirection of traffic to carry out paving work on other sections along the A8. To reach the construction sections, we drove the SUPER 1300-2down the closed left-hand lane. That would not have been possible with a wider paver.”

Job Site Details
Construction of new lane diverting traffic on the A8 motorway, Germany

Length of section: 560m
Width of section: 3.9m

Paving Details
Pave width: 3.9m
Layer thickness: base course 18cm (2x9cm), binder course 9cm, surface course 4cm

Base course: asphaltic concrete (AC 32 T S)
Binder course: asphaltic concrete (AC 16 B S)
Surface course: stone mastic asphalt (SMA 8)

SUPER 1300-2 with AB 340 Extending Screed in TV Version
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