SUPER 3000-2 Unites Technology and Performance

Expansion of the B 85 federal highway in Bavaria, Germany.

The B 85 federal highway was expanded to three lanes in the vicinity of the Bavarian cities of Amberg and Sulzbach-Rosenberg. German contractor Englhard Bau GmbH used its new SUPER 3000-2 for this project. The machine impressed the paving team in all phases of work, from placing water-bound base all the way to paving wearing course.

The super heavyweight among the pavers: SUPER 3000-2 unites technology and performance.

Passenger vehicle and goods traffic in the border region between Bavaria and the Czech Republic rose dramatically in the wake of the eastern expansion of the EU. This has continuously increased the importance of the B 85 federal highway for long-distance traffic in the Eastern Bavarian region of Oberpfalz. The traffic density is especially high between the cities of Amberg and Sulzbach-Rosenberg. On average, 10,000 vehicles use this stretch every day. On workdays, the figure even reaches 13,000. This is why the 6.2km stretch has been expanded since 2001 from two lanes to three lanes in five construction phases. The contract for placing the asphalt layers on section 5, 1.7km long, was awarded to contractor Englhard Bau GmbH in Ammerthal. The work also involved placing water-bound base on a 1.1km stretch.

"The capacity of the material hopper really is unparalleled!"

Baptism by fire: the new heavy-duty paver first placed water-bound base, then it was used for asphalt paving.

For the team from Englhard, this job site provided the opportunity to initiate the company's brand-new SUPER 3000-2. Managing Director Karl Englhard was immediately impressed by the heavy-duty paver when he first inspected the worldwide innovation at bauma 2010, the international trade exhibition for construction machinery held earlier this year in Munich, Germany, and he wasted no time in buying one. "What really impresses me about the SUPER 3000-2 is its large material hopper with a capacity of 17.5 tonnes. That really is unparalleled! This allows us to realize high-quality asphalt paving without having to stop the paver, in spite of difficult logistics conditions."

Placing water-bound base with the AB 600-2 Extending Screed in TP1 version

Once the earth moving work had been completed in June 2010, it was the turn of the paving team. The first job on their schedule involved placing water-bound base, 17cm thick. For this task, the heavy-duty paver was combined with an AB 600-2 Extending Screed in TP1 version and operated in varying widths up to 7.5m. To handle this job, the Englhard team equipped the SUPER 3000-2 ‒ which is extremely robust even in its standard version ‒ with a heavy-duty kit. This kit includes reinforced guards for the conveyor tunnel and the chassis, as well as modified auger blades, to withstand high abrasive wear. The ability to adjust the height of the augers by as much as 20cm also impressed the team, as this feature ensures that a sufficient head of mix is always available in front of the screed when paving thick layers.

SUPER 3000-2 extremely versatile

Wearing course without joints, almost 13m wide: the SUPER 3000-2 impressed the team in all phases of paving.

On the job site section concerned, the B 85 crosses two bridges that had already been widened during the ongoing roadworks. The SUPER 3000-2 is ideally suited even for such logistically challenging situations: for paving binder course, the new large paver worked in echelon with a SUPER 1800-2. Perfectly matched to one another, the two machines completed the 8.5cm thick layer (mix type AC 16 B S with 25/55 – 55 A binder) in almost no time at all. When it came to paving wearing course, the SUPER 3000-2 worked alone again, this time in combination with a SB 300-2 TV Fixed-Width Screed. The machine placed almost 1,300 tonnes of stone mastic asphalt (SMA 8 S with 25/55 – 55 A binder) for a 3.5cm layer. With a pave width varying between 11.5 and 12.8m, a perfect wearing course without joints was thus produced.

"The heavy-duty VÖGELE paver is simply fantastic"

Wearing course without joints, almost 13m wide: the SUPER 3000-2 impressed the team in all phases of paving.

The team from Englhard was impressed by the number of different paving situations in which the new large SUPER 3000-2 can truly flex its muscles. Thanks to the well proven, innovative "dash 2" paver technology and the ErgoPlus® operating system, it unites power with know-how. Or as paver operator Stefan Lukoschek said: "The heavy-duty VÖGELE paver is simply fantastic. The performance values are impressive, the overview is perfect and operating it is just as easy as operating smaller machines. That really makes the job enjoyable!"

Job Site Details

Expansion of the B 85 federal highway between Amberg and Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Bavaria, Germany

Length of section:
1.7km (1.1km with water-bound base)

Width of section:
water-bound base 13 - 17m
asphalt layers 11.5 - 16m

Paving Details

Pave width:
water-bound base varying up to 7.5m
binder course 6 - 7m (SUPER 3000-2), 5 – 5.5m (SUPER 1800-2)
wearing course 11.5 – 12.8m

Layer thickness:
water-bound base 17cm
binder course 8.5cm
wearing course 3.5cm

Water-bound base: mix with addition of recycled material from the milled layers
Binder course: AC 16 B S (25/55 – 55 A)
Wearing course: SMA 8 S (25/55 – 55 A)

SUPER 3000-2
with AB 600-2 Extending Screed in TP1 Version
and SB 300-2 Fixed-Width Screed in TV Version
SUPER 1800-2