VÖGELE in the Land of Smiles

SUPER 2100-3: Chinese paving pros were impressed by the power, convenient operation and pavement surface quality.

One of the most comfortable workplaces in China is now to be found on the road! And indeed, the operator’s stand of the new Highway Class paver SUPER 2100-3 from VÖGELE sets standards when it comes to comfort and ease of operation. The operators who worked with this powerful and innovative machine during construction of the new two-lane expressway from Guangzhou to Kunming were thoroughly impressed.

The Nanning bypass is an important section of the expressway from Guangzhou to Kunming. Vehicles can travel at a maximum speed of 120km/h on the two-lane road. Much like any motorway, the road had to fulfil high officially requirements in terms of its longitudinal and transverse evenness. What’s more, the schedule for building the new road was exceedingly tight, for the entire 341km road construction project was to be completed within the space of just one year.

The highest possible pavement quality in the shortest possible time – such demands left no room for compromise. This led contractor Guangxi R & B to chose a SUPER 2100-3 from VÖGELE, a name synonymous with both technological progress and maximum reliability. “The SUPER 2100-3 is a modern-day version of a working elephant – incredibly strong, but easily handled,” explains Joseph Chen, Product Support Manager at WIRTGEN China. It can achieve high laydown rates of up to 1,100t per hour. Given a maximum pave width of 13m, it is the ideal large paver for jointless construction of motorways, airfields or large traffic areas. The layer thickness can reach up to 40cm.

The new “Dash 3” generation: The future incorporated

VÖGELE have set a new milestone in road construction with their “Dash 3” paver generation. Innovative, eco-friendly, economical and extremely easy to operate, these asphalt pavers are based on cost-efficient state-of-the-art technology.

More economical and quieter: The new “Dash 3” machine concept

The “Dash 3” machine concept focuses entirely on “lower consumption – lower emissions – lower costs”. To this end, a whole series of features have been combined in the “VÖGELE EcoPlus” low-emissions package to significantly reduce the fuel consumption and noise levels of “Dash 3” pavers – including the SUPER 2100-3 used in Nanning.

The other thing that impressed our Chinese colleagues was the power of the SUPER 2100-3. Its liquid-cooled Cummins 6-cylinder diesel engine has an output of 186kW and is equipped with a splitter gearbox that allows the hydraulic pumps to be disengaged, thus ensuring simple starting and reliable operation of the “VÖGELE EcoPlus” package in all climate zones and all conditions. The full power of this workhorse is assured by perfect cooling of the engine coolant, hydraulic oil and charge air via a large cooler assembly with innovative air routing.

Powerful electro-hydraulically controlled separate drives installed directly in the crawler tracks translate the high tractive effort into pave speed without losses. Maximum traction and a constant operating speed are assured, even on difficult terrain, by the 3.06m-long crawler tracks.

Total ease of operation: ErgoPlus 3

The user-friendly ErgoPlus operating concept which has already proved its practical value on job sites all over the world has been enhanced with useful supplementary features for the new “Dash 3” generation. The redesigned colour display, for example, has a particularly high-contrast user interface ensuring brilliant readability even in bright sunshine. The graphic user interface and all symbols comply with the latest requirements in respect of product design. And self-explanatory symbols that are understood in all languages allow the operator to work intuitively.

SB 250 TV Fixed-Width Screed

There were good reasons for using the SB 250 TV for the expressway project in Nanning. With a maximum pave width of 13m, the screed covers the full road width. Hydraulic bolt-on extensions allow the pave width to be adjusted within a total range of 1.5m. This saves both time and money, as there is no need to fit or remove bolt-on extensions on the job site in order to change the screed width within this range.

The tamper and vibratory system ensure perfect precompaction and a perfectly even surface directly behind the paver. This significantly reduces the time required for final compaction by rolling. The Guangxi R & B paving team was also delighted with the electric screed heating which optimally heats all smoothing and compacting elements to the right temperature, ensuring an absolutely uniform pavement surface.

By the way, VÖGELE have decades of experience in the field of electric screed heating systems for both fixed-width and extending screeds, and have also launched a number of revolutionary developments in this respect.

Job Site Details

Construction of the new two-lane expressway from Guangzhou to Kunming, China
Length of section: 74km  
Width of section: 12m  
Paving Details    
Pave width: 12m  
Layer thickness: base course 8cm  
  binder course 6cm  
  surface course 4cm  
Base course: asphaltic concrete AC 25  
Binder course: asphaltic concrete AC 20  
Surface course: stone mastic asphalt SMA 13  
SUPER 2100-3 with SB 250 Fixed-Width Screed in the TV version
HAMM HD 130 Tandem Roller
HAMM HD 138 Tandem Rollers