150km of future-oriented road construction

An exceptional road construction project is currently under way in Turkey. The new O–33 motorway linking the metropolitan area of Istanbul with Izmir on the Aegean coast is being constructed in a move to expand the country’s infrastructure. In addition to 384km of motorway, approach roads with a total length of 43km are part of the project. The Turkish contractor Enerji İnşaat Taahhüt Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş., abbreviated as ENI, won the contract for 150km of motorway construction. First of all, the paving teams tackled a 26km stretch of the O–33, a task which saw the machines from VÖGELE and HAMM sprinting through a truly prodigious programme.

The asphalt pavement is made up of three layers. A 12cm base course was placed first, followed by a binder course 11cm thick and a 4cm surface course. All layers were paved by two SUPER 2100-3 tracked pavers and compacted by four HAMM rollers of type HD+ 110. The large amounts of asphalt required highlight the sheer scale of this project: all in all, 670,000t of material – the equivalent of roughly 27,000 lorry loads – were paved and compacted to produce a 26km stretch of dual carriageway plus a 7km-long approach road.

VÖGELE pavers work “hot to hot”

The two SUPER 2100-3 pavers placed all three layers in a pave width of 8m, working “hot to hot” – in other words, alongside one another. This resulted in a quasi-jointless pavement of two 8m strips. With their powerful Cummins engine, the two Highway Class pavers still had reserve power in virtually all situations and could place up to 1,100t of material per hour.

It is a very demanding project, since the time allowed is very limited. That is why we are working in three shifts. The team can stop for breaks, but not the machines. Technology that functions reliably is very much of the essence. We trust our VÖGELE pavers and HAMM rollers 100%. They are not only absolutely reliable, but also produce a perfect paved result.

Cutting-edge drive technology for perfect laydown rates

The modern drive concept is a typical feature of the “Dash 3” generation of pavers from VÖGELE. The SUPER 2100-3 is equipped with a modern, powerful and totally reliable 6-cylinder Cummins diesel engine. This drive concept ensures that the paver delivers perfect laydown rates at exactly the required pave speed. This precision had a significant impact on the cost-efficiency of this major project in Turkey.

Asphalt compaction with the HD+ from HAMM – Quality is a must

Rapid high-quality final compaction of the asphalt was undertaken by four HAMM tandem rollers of type HD+ 110 VV. An efficient water system with large tanks and intelligent control is a major quality factor. It automatically adapts the water spray to the operating speed. A short glance at the drum is sufficient to verify whether the right amount of water has been selected, for the open design of the frame gives the operator a clear view of the drums and spray bars. To ensure that the work is not only of high quality but also cost-efficient, HAMM equip their HD+ 110 rollers with the HAMMTRONIC electronic engine management system as a standard feature. This system monitors the traction drive and vibratory drives as well as the engine speed, optimizes machine functions and adjusts the vibration and operating speed in line with the conditions on site. The result: economical operation combined with maximum performance.

The HD+ drivers are overjoyed with the machines’ easy operation, spacious panoramic cabin and very bright lighting.

Barbaros Yargıç, Branch Sales Manager WIRTGEN Istanbul

The motorway which is currently under construction from Gebze, southeast of Istanbul, to Izmir is the largest infrastructure project in Turkish history. Together with the approach roads, this new traffic artery will be 427km long and one of several future-oriented infrastructure projects to extend the Turkish motorway network from 2,200km today to 7,500km by the year 2023. The motorway also includes the world’s fourth largest suspension bridge, with a length of roughly 3km, across the Gulf of Izmit. The construction project is being implemented as a public-private partnership for the Turkish state motorway directorate KGM (Karayollari Genel Müdürlügü).

Job site details

Constructing a 150km stretch of the new O–33 motorway from Gebze to Izmir, Turkey, with a total length of 427km

Length of section:
2 x 26km plus a 7km approach road
Width of section: 16m
Working parameters  
Pave width: 2 x 8 m heiß an heiß
Layer thickness: base course 12cm
binder course 11cm
surface course 4cm
Paved material quantity: base course 300,000t in total
binder course 270,000t in total
surface course 100,000t in total
Base course: base course material (0/38)
Binder course: binder course material (0/25)
Surface course: surface course material (0/16)
2 VÖGELE SUPER 2100-3 pavers with AB 600 TV screed
4 HAMM HD+ 110 VV rollers