Small SUPER 800 Ideal for Placing Crushed Stone, Chippings and Asphalt

Pave Widths from 50cm up to 3.2m

This year for the first time, Mannheim-based JOSEPH VÖGELE AG is going to use the GaLaBau exhibition as a platform to present two of their machines specially to contractors from the garden and landscaping sector. On a joint exhibition area with HAMM AG, German manufacturer of rollers, VÖGELE present modern machinery and solutions for the construction of small roads and pathways.

The highlights from VÖGELE's product range for this market segment are the mini paver SUPER 600 and the small paver SUPER 800. As far as both size and operating concepts are concerned, these machines are specially suited to minor contracts. In addition to small roadways and paths, both pavers are also ideal for garden and landscaping applications. The machines can be used to handle jobs which so far had to be done by hand, offering the advantages of higher pavement quality and economical working. At the GaLaBau exhibition, VÖGELE will have the SUPER 800 on show, the larger one of their two small-sized machines.

Economical and high-quality placing of asphalt, crushed stone and chippings

Yellow asphalt on park grounds with Super 800 paver.

In the sector of small roadways and paths, contractors primarily use the SUPER 800 to pave asphalt surfacings in inner-city areas, on jobs where things get really tight as well as for cycle paths, footpaths or farm track applications. In the garden and landscaping sector, too, the small machine does a very good job when it comes to paving asphalt or water-bound surfacing on golf course areas or park grounds. Another ideal challenge in this field is placing base of crushed stone, chippings, sand or recycled material for pathways or sett paved areas. Experience has shown that for companies offering garden and landscaping services, the machine-based placing of base for sett stone laying with the SUPER 800 took only half the manhours required for the manual method employed hitherto. This is an advantage that pays.

The SUPER 800 is ideal when it comes to placing crushed stone, sand or asphalt in confined spaces. Yellow asphalt was paved here on park grounds. Feed of the paver with mix can be from a lorry in front of it or via an excavator, for instance, travelling alongside.

Particularly when preparing the base for laying setts, it is crucial to ensure that this layer is absolutely level. For this kind of application, VÖGELE offer their NIVELTRONIC Automated Grade and Slope Control System with laser receiver and slope sensor.

The photo shows the small paver placing sand for a footpath on a dyke. The crushed stone base, too, was laid with the SUPER 800.

Municipal contractors, companies for sett paving or those offering garden and landscaping services make use of the SUPER 800 on a large variety of applications. The photo shows the small paver placing sand for a footpath on a dyke. The crushed stone base, too, was laid with the SUPER 800. Operators enjoy the paver’s easy handling and contractors benefit from the time it saves and the high evenness of the surfacings.

Pave widths from 50cm up to 3.2m

Pavement repairs after backfilling trenches can easily be carried out with the SUPER 800, in a minimum width of 50cm.

The small SUPER 800 for versatile use features a basic width of 1.1m. Pave width is infinitely variable between 1.1 and 2m and can be increased to a maximum of 3.2m by addition of bolt-on extensions. Smaller widths, of course, are possible as well. By fitting cut-off shoes, the pave width can be reduced to 50cm. This way, machine-based pavement repairs after backfilling trenches or ducts are possible without any problem.

Pavement repairs after backfilling trenches can easily be carried out with the SUPER 800, in a minimum width of 50cm. Machine-based work achieves higher quality, avoids hand laying and saves time.

Small-sized machine

The paver’s size for paving and transport perfectly fits the "small equipment category". With a track width of just 1.1m and a clearance width of no more than 1.2m, the SUPER 800 easily passes through narrow gates or entrances for indoor applications in factory halls or on industrial areas, sites commonly rather difficult to access with normal construction machinery. What is more, the small paver can be easily trucked on a 2-axle trailer.

Economical and Low-Noise Operation

The SUPER 800 comes with a modern DEUTZ engine rated at 42KW featuring ECO Mode. Highly effective noise absorption permits application even in noise sensitive environments such as residential areas or in close vicinity to hospitals. With ECO Mode selected, the paver’s noise levels - which are low anyway - are further decreased. When operating in ECO Mode, the paver’s fuel consumption is remarkably low.

User-friendly design

Handling of the SUPER 800.

The SUPER 800’s controls and operating elements are clearly and logically arranged, thus allowing the machine to be operated very intuitively. This was often confirmed by staff, for instance, of contractors carrying out garden or landscaping contracts, who were very little or not experienced at all in the handling of pavers before coming across the VÖGELE SUPER 800. After having received just brief instructions, they easily got to grips with the user-friendly machine and achieved excellent results.

SUPER 800: Facts and Figures

  • Pave Width: 0.5m - 2m
  • Maximum Laydown Rate: 250 tonnes/h
  • Maximum Layer Thickness: 20cm
  • Engine Output: 42kW
  • Transport Length: 4.36m
  • Clearance Width: 1.2m

The SUPER 800’s Major Applications at a Glance

In the Garden and Landscaping Sector:

  • Placing asphalt or water-bound surfacing on park grounds, sports grounds, etc.
  • Paving asphalt or water-bound surfacing on the outdoor grounds of residential or commercial areas.
  • Paving water-bound surfacing on golf course areas.
  • Placing base of crushed stone or chippings for pathways in public gardens, parks, zoos, etc.
  • Placing base of crushed stone, chippings, sand or recycled material for sett paved areas.

In the Sector of Small Roads, Driveways or Paths:

  • Paving asphalt in inner-city areas and in tight corners.
  • Paving asphalt surfacing for cycle paths and footpaths.
  • Paving asphalt surfacing for farm tracks.
  • Paving asphalt surfacing on indoor applications (narrow entrances).
  • Paving asphalt for pavement repairs after backfilling trenches.

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