SUPER 700 Proves Above Par

Paving without any problems

SUPER 700 is a small paver developed and produced by VÖGELE specially for the US market, where its use has been a success. It demonstrated its versatility when surfacing pathways on a golf course in the US state of Wisconsin. The paving team, with no previous experience in handling this paver, had absolutely no problems and was particularly impressed with the robustness of the SUPER 700.

Vögele Super 700 paver.

A brand-new SUPER 700 was used for surfacing pathways in the US state of Wisconsin. The famous Shawano Lake Golf Club in Shawano County awarded a contract to Payne & Dolan Inc. for paving asphalt paths on the club's grounds. The job site in Shawano was the contractor's first encounter with the SUPER 700. Nevertheless, the paving team became familiarized with handling the small paver so quickly that paving could be commenced after just 15 minutes of instruction. The team itself was surprised at this and tackled the job with great aptitude.

Paving without any problems

The roughly 1.5m wide paths were paved in a layer thickness of 7.5cm. In order to preserve the lush green of the fairway, the asphalt was mostly supplied by wheeled loaders and small trucks. The responsible personnel of Payne & Dolan were impressed with the paver's performance right from the start. The SUPER 700 achieved excellent precompaction and the final density was quickly realized by lightweight rollers. Special praise was made of the fact that neither seams nor depressions formed either during paving or even after a break in paving.

SUPER 700's manoeuvrability pays off

The SUPER 700 with AB 200 Extending Screed in V Version The SUPER 700 was able to make the most of ist manoeuvrability in extremely tight spaces at the Shawano Lake Golf Club, as the asphalt had to be precisely laid amongst the many narrow bends. The hilly terrain has quite a few winding bends where the paver even had to pave uphill. And the advantages of the VÖGELE paver were evident here, too. The tractive effort of the small machine astounded the veteran road construction team, especially when the SUPER 700 actually managed to push the feed truck uphill while paving. This impressive capability is yielded by the 42kW DEUTZ engine that powers the SUPER 700.

Mini paver impresses paving team

The SUPER 700 proved to be intuitive to operate and extremely powerful. The paving team in Shawano commented that the paver's robustness was particularly praiseworthy and superior to comparable equipment. VÖGELE developed and produced the small SUPER 700 specially for the US market. Combined with the AB 200 Extending Screed with vibrators, it covers pave widths up to 3.2m. Users of the SUPER 700 can thus handle a broad spectrum of smaller tasks. These include the surfacing of pedestrian and cycle paths, repairs of pavement damage, filling in ruts and numerous other jobs, among these also landscaping applications. In brief, the SUPER 700 features high robustness, excellent economic efficiency and produces best pavement quality.

Job Site Details
Surfacing pathways at Shawano Lake Golf Club, Wisconsin, USA

Paving Details
Wearing course: 7.5cm
Pave width: 1.50m

SUPER 700 with AB 200 Extending Screed in V Version

The Highlights of SUPER 700

  • Track width 1.1m
  • Clearance width just 1.2m
  • Pave width from 0.5m to 3.2m
  • Laydown rate up to 200 tonnes/h
  • Pave speed up to 60m/min.
  • Powerful and economical DEUTZ engine rated at 42kW, with ECO Mode
  • VÖGELE AB 200 Extending Screed with vibrators
  • Asymmetrical hopper sides

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