Tracked SUPER 1300-2 on the “Vulkan Cycle Path” in Germany

Tracked paver for pave widths up to 4.5m.

The first job for the SUPER 1300-2 was on the 93 kilometre long “Vulkan cycle path” through the Vogelsberg foothills in Hesse, Germany. The brand-new tracked paver resurfaced a 2.3km section of the popular cycle path 60km northeast of Frankfurt/Main. Most of the route follows the former railway line of the historical Vogelsberg train.

ErgoPlus® did not need instructions

SUPER 1300-2 surfaces a cycle path.

The paving team of German contractor Giebel Bau from Eiterfeld near Fulda had already worked with VÖGELE pavers of the “dash 2” family. As these pavers have a great number of features in common, including the ErgoPlus® operating concept, the team from Giebel Bau were able to start work immediately: “We are already familiar with ErgoPlus® from our SUPER 1800-2. That model and the SUPER 1300-2 are operated in exactly the same way. So everything was perfectly clear from the outset and we could start paving right away”, says foreman Raymund Jakob. Identical operation is one of the outstanding advantages of the new “dash 2” generation of VÖGELE pavers. All these pavers come with ErgoPlus®. Anyone who has worked with the system once can operate all other “dash 2” SUPER pavers without mistakes and “blindfold”.

SUPER 1300-2 winds its way through woods and meadows

On the “Vulkan cycle path”, the SUPER 1300-2 paved combined base and surface course, 9cm thick, in a varying width between 3m and 3.4m. At some points, the path runs directly along an embankment. Protruding parts on the paver would have complicated the works, but the slim SUPER 1300-2 passed all these points without difficulty. Wherever bushes and trees reached into the cycle path, the paving team simply folded up the sides of the material hopper and continued to pave the way without causing any damage to nature.

SUPER 1300-2: Facts and FiguresMaximum pave width: 4.5m

Material hopper: 10 tonnes
Laydown rate: up to 350 tonnes/h
Maximum layer thickness: 25cm
Transport width: 1.85m
Pave speed: up to 30m/min.
Travel speed: up to 3.6km/h
Traction: Hydraulic, separate drive and electronic control provided for each crawler track
Power Unit: Powerful DEUTZ engine rated at 65kW
Screed: AB 340 in TV Version
ErgoPlus®, the concept for easy paver handling
Hardtop with sunshades (option)
Hydraulic hopper front (option)

Job Site Details
Paving combined base and surface course on a 2.3km section of the “Vulkan cycle path” through the Vogelsberg foothills in Hesse, Germany

Paving Details
Layer thickness: 9cm
Pave widths: 3m - 3.4m

SUPER 1300-2 with AB 340 TV Extending Screed