Big on User-Friendliness

“We’d love to keep it!” was the unanimous opinion of the paving team from Schneider Bau, Heilbronn, Germany, after several days placing the base course, binder course and surface course in a multi-storey car park with low roof. The ceiling height made it necessary to feed the SUPER 800-3i from a wheeled loader. The asymmetrical geometry of the hydraulically folding left-hand hopper side proved particularly useful in the confined conditions prevailing on site. This made it much easier to feed the paver with material while the paving work continued.

SUPER 800-3i

The new ErgoBasic operating concept was also perceived as a great asset, since it allowed the new small paver’s impressive manoeuvrability to be exploited to the full. Integrated backlighting of the operator’s console additionally made it safer to work in the poor lighting conditions commonly encountered in low-roofed multi-storey car parks.

Most small pavers would have been unable to cope with the pave width of 3.2m. That, however, is no problem for the SUPER 800-3i and AB 220 TV Extending Screed with tamper and vibrators. They achieved outstanding pre-compaction values when paving the 15cm-thick base course.

SUPER 800-3i

All in all, the SUPER 800-3i performed brilliantly right down the line. The paving team from Schneider Bau were unanimous in their opinion: “This little paver is a big hit with us.”

Job Site Details

Construction of a new multi-storey car park in Murrhardt, Germany
Length of section: 250m
Paving Details  
Pave width: 3,20m
Layer thickness: base course 15cm
Base course: 0/35
VÖGELE SUPER 800-3i with AB 220 TV Extending Screed
Machine Settings  
Tamper speed: 100%
Vibrator speed: 90%
Speed of the conveyors: 100%