Asphalt Paving in a Parking Area with Extremely Low Ceiling

Paving asphalt in covered parking areas has always been a challenge: many pavers are quite simply too high for extremely low ceilings. The new SUPER 800-3i which was used to build a parking area near Würzburg in Germany proves that such problems are now a thing of the past. Its extremely low overall height of less than 2m allows the Mini Class paver to manœuvre without difficulty, even in halls with low ceilings, and with the paver operator standing upright. Paving work can be done efficiently even on large areas thanks to the AB 220 TV Extending Screed with a maximum pave width of 3.2m.

SUPER 800-3i

The SUPER 800-3i was made-to-measure for this job site. The ErgoBasic operator platform proved to be another great boon, in addition to the machine’s low height of just 1.98m. The paver operator’s stand is high enough for a perfect all-round view. But it is also low enough to let the driver stand upright and control the paving process in low halls. What’s more, the machine’s sophisticated design allows it to pave up to within 5cm of lateral boundaries. The rear step on the screed simply folds up when reversing up to walls. Manual work is effectively dispensed with.

ErgoBasic paver operator’s console

Helge Kubsky, paver operator for Konrad Bau, Lauda-Königshofen, was also full of praise for another detail: “Lighting conditions are often poor when paving under a roof. VÖGELE have provided a perfect solution here in the form of integrated backlighting of the ErgoBasic operating console.”

From 50cm to 3.2m

A screed with a large pave width is needed to pave asphalt efficiently on parking areas. The new AB 220 TV Extending Screed has been specially designed for use with the SUPER 800-3i. The special feature of this team is that together they cover pave widths ranging from 50cm to 3.2m – making the SUPER 800-3i a super versatile machine.

Small track gauge and clearance width.

“The AB 220 comes with a basic width of 1.2m and extends hydraulically to a width of 2.2m. In addition, VÖGELE supply bolt-on extensions for pave widths up to 3.2m. That a paver with an outer track gauge of just 1.14m and a gauge between track centres of 96cm can cover so many pave widths is sensational,” explains Helge Kubsky, paver operator for Konrad Bau, Lauda-Königshofen. The bolt-on extensions can be fitted without undue effort. In Würzburg, Helge Kubsky and applications engineer Dietmar Thimm from VÖGELE did not take long to fit the bolt-on extensions and work was quickly resumed with a pave width of 3.2m.

Comfortable working position

Pave widths of less than 1.2m can be achieved just as easily. The system for pave width reduction is fitted with the same ease as the bolt-on extensions. Once this system has been fitted, the pave width can be infinitely reduced from 1.2m to just 0.5m. With the system for pave width reduction fitted, the screed floats in the same way as when paving across a non-reduced width. As a result, the layer thickness can be adjusted via the screed tow point rams or even controlled via Niveltronic Basic, the automated system for grade and slope control.

Super compaction values thanks to tamper and vibrators

Bolt-on extensions

The floating screed not only provides for precise paving results, but also achieves excellent pre-compaction – thanks to the compacting systems of tamper and vibrators. The frequency of the eccentric vibrators is variable between 800 rpm and 3,300 rpm. The tamper speed can be set to a maximum of 1,800 rpm. Helge Kubsky confirmed: “For the 10cm base course, good pre-compaction was important. With the AB 220 TV Extending Screed, the SUPER 800-3i achieves exceptional pre-compaction results for a paver of this class.”

Job Site Details

Asphalt paving on a parking area with low ceiling near Würzburg, Germany
Paving Details  
Pave width: 3.2m
Layer thickness: base course 10cm
Base course: TS 0/32 50/70
VÖGELE SUPER 800-3i with AB 220 TV Extending Screed
Machine Settings  
Tamper speed: 100%
Vibrator speed: 40%
Speed of the conveyors: 100%
Speed of the auger: 70%
Auger height: 15cm