True colours shine out in a landscape contract

The park along the Lichtenthaler Allee is typical of the magnificent townscape of the spa city Baden-Baden. The landscaping project comprised two sections with different space conditions and sizes. To create the visual impression of gritted avenues and simultaneously ensure durability, a stone-mastic asphalt with beige colour pigments was used to surface the area. While the VÖGELE SUPER 800-3i Mini Class paver with its compact dimensions and different feeding options was absolutely ideal for the smaller job site section, the SUPER 1300-3i was perfect for the requirements of the larger section, featuring a pave width of up to 5m. Both machines were supported by the two HAMM rollers of the CompactLine series.

Maximum performance in a small area

Both landscaping projects in Baden-Baden required a great deal of flexibility with regard to manœuvrability, pave width and feeding. When landscaping outdoor areas located directly in the park, the VÖGELE Mini Class SUPER 800-3i tracked paver was therefore used to pave the surface course with beige coloured asphalt. As there was an underground car park below the job site and it was essential to prevent cracking in the ceiling slab, the compact HAMM roller type HD 10 VO with oscillation took centre-stage during compaction. On the second section, a VÖGELE Compact Class SUPER 1300-3i tracked paver showed off its skills. Here, 160t of coloured asphalt mix had to be paved. The HAMM HD 10 VO and HD 10 VV rollers were used for compaction.

More design freedom with coloured asphalt

Whether it is used to give signals to road users at crossings, to direct the flow of traffic or as an attractive design element in landscaping applications – coloured asphalt is an excellent way for urban planners, landscape designers and construction companies to create effects. The mix is produced using “colourless bitumen”, a synthetic binder based on mineral oil, that is coloured with pigments.

VÖGELE and HAMM’s landscaping competence

High-quality materials, design challenges, unusual colours – landscaping projects confront contractors with an increasingly varying range of tasks. The machine technology employed is every bit as versatile – and impressive, right down to the last detail. With the Compact Class and Mini Class pavers and the HD CompactLine rollers, VÖGELE and HAMM supply reliable and perfectly dimensioned solutions with high operating comfort.

VÖGELE Mini Class paver

The extremely compact SUPER 800-3i Mini Class paver is the right choice for very confined job sites, be they tight, low or narrow. Featuring pave widths ranging from 0.5m up to a maximum of 3.5m, an asymmetrical material hopper for space-saving feeding by lorries and delivering excellent precompaction values with the state-of-the-art AB 220 TV Extending Screed, the VÖGELE Mini Class tracked paver proves that it is possible to pave in very confined spaces without compromising on technology, performance and operating comfort.

VÖGELE Compact Class paver

Small to medium-sized construction projects with confined conditions: this is the domain of this manœuvrable compact paver. From combined foot and cycle paths to urban roads, farm tracks and small to medium-sized areas – with the tracked paver SUPER 1300-3i, VÖGELE supply an optimum machine solution for the building of new roads and for pavement rehabilitation with pave widths ranging from 0.75m to 5m.

HAMM HD CompactLine rollers

Good compaction performance, even in tight conditions: the rollers of the HD CompactLine are equally suitable for crushed stone, gravel or sand as well as for standard and special asphalt types. They can hence tackle a wide array of applications – in road construction, landscaping and building construction alike. With models ranging from the HD 8 to the HD 14, the series includes everything from tandem rollers with two vibratory drums or with one vibratory and one oscillating drum to combination and rubber-wheeled rollers.

Job site details

Rehabilitation of the asphalt surfacing in the Lichtenthaler Allee and redesign of Seufzerallee with coloured asphalt in Baden-Baden, Germany

Length of section: 365m
Working parameters
Pave width:
1.8 – 3.5m
Pave speed: 2 – 4m/min
Layer thickness
Binder course:
Surfacing: 2 – 3cm
Paved material quantity  
Binder course: 338t
Surfacing: 109t
Binder course: AC 11 BN 50/70
Surfacing: Stone mastic asphalt 05,
coloured beige