Brilliant Premiere for the SUPER 1103-2 in Lombardy

Economical wheeled paver featuring high mobility.

Nuevo Edilstrada was the first Italian contractor to use a SUPER 1103-2. The paver had its première on a job site in Lombardy, in the small town of Villa di Serio in the wine-growing region of Valcalepio. Contractor Nuevo Edilstrada used the new paver for resurfacing a car park and various sidewalks in a residential neighbourhood. The SUPER 1103-2 displayed all its strong points from the very beginning. Both the paving team and contractor Nuevo Edilstrada were much impressed by the newcomer’s high productivity, the excellent pavement quality achieved and its outstanding manoeuvrability.

Perfect paver for urban jobs

Two details were praised in particular: the machine’s small turning radius (outside) of just 4.8m and the simple handling of NIVELTRONIC® Plus. The sensors of the System for Automated Grade and Slope Control can be easily plugged into the screed operator’s console and are recognized automatically. Contractor Nuevo Edilstrada was also highly satisfied with the new paver’s AB 340 V Extending Screed which, with vibrators alone, achieved very good precompaction values. Luigi Barcella, the company’s Technical Manager, made his decision in favour of the compact wheeled paver after scrutiny of all alternatives: “We were looking for a machine suited to get our frequent, small-scale jobs done. We are much impressed by the SUPER 1103-2, in particular by its excellent manoeuvrability and its high productivity, which is rather typical of larger machines. All in all, the SUPER 1103-2 is ideal for our jobs in and around town.”

SUPER 1103-2: Facts and Figures

Maximum pave width: 4.2m
Material hopper: 10 tonnes
Laydown rate: up to 200 tonnes/h
Maximum layer thickness: 20cm
Transport width: 1.85m
Pave speed: up to 30m/min.
Travel speed: up to 20km/h
Traction: Hydraulic, separate drive and electronic control provided for each wheel
Power Unit: Powerful DEUTZ engine rated at 56kW
Screed: AB 340 in V Version
ErgoPlus®, the concept for easy paver handling
Hardtop (option)

Job Site Details
Surfacing of a car park and sidewalks in a residential neighbourhood in Villa di Serio, Lombardy, Italy

SUPER 1103-2 with AB 340 V Extending Screed