SUPER 1103-2 Rehabilitates Carriageway in a Single Shift in England

The paving team of contractor Jordan Surfacing Ltd. of Newark in Leicestershire, England, put their new wheeled SUPER 1103-2 paver through its paces on the very first job. The company used the new machine for carriageway rehabilitation in the small market town of Hinckley, well known to motor cycle fans as the home of Triumph cycles. On the job site in the centre of town, the AB 340 V Extending Screed displayed its variability in terms of pave width. Ideally suited to small and also larger jobs in widths up to 4.2m, the screed made child's play of the various sections to be paved.

Job with many stops and turns managed superbly

On the job in Hinckley, new binder and wearing course needed to be placed. Of the damaged pavement, 10cm had been removed by a WIRTGEN W 1000 Cold Milling Machine. Thanks to its compact design and excellent manoeuvrability, the SUPER 1103-2 proved ideal for the 500m2 job in the centre of town with its narrow, winding streets.

Mission completed in a single day

The SUPER 1103-2 comes with reversible conveyors and augers. This proved to be another very essential feature on site as it prevented excess material at the end of the sections and spillages of asphalt in between them. The 6cm binder course and 4cm wearing course were paved by the team of Jordan Surfacing Ltd. in a single working day of just six-and-a-half hours, thus minimizing the nuisance to both traffic and local residents.

Job Site Details

Pavement rehabilitation on 500m2 in the town centre of Hinckley, England

Paving Details
Pave width: varying up to 3.2m

Layer Thickness
Binder course: 6cm
Wearing course: 4cm

WIRTGEN W 1000 Cold Milling Machine
SUPER 1103-2 with AB 340 V Extending Screed