A World-Class Surface Created with the SUPER 800

VÖGELE lay the foundations for an exciting competition in Italy.

The 2011 Boccia World Cup in Feltre, Italy, was an event that is on par with the Olympic Games when it comes to its importance for the town. This made it all the more important that the chosen venue, an ice-skating rink, was perfectly prepared for the competitors – using a VÖGELE SUPER 800 paver and a HAMM HD 8VV roller.

The number of competing nations and the strict procedural regulations of the competition required a roofed building with a sufficiently high span that allows several competitions to be held at the same time. The ice-skating rink in Feltre was the only suitable building available. This meant that, for a short time, the ice on the concrete foundations had to be replaced by a special layer of sand, 2cm thick.

Innovative idea for paving the surface

The properties and surface structure of the concrete slab were optimally designed for an ice surface. However, this surface was too smooth for the specified sand layer required for playing boccia. The challenge for 3B, the contractor charged with the project, was to find a solution for the creation of a perfect boccia surface without changing or damaging the concrete slab. At the same time, it was necessary to ensure that the layers placed for the Boccia World Cup could be easily removed at the end of the competition. The idea: the first step was to cover the slab entirely with a high-strength geotextile sheet. To protect the geotextile from the binder course, the second step for the paving team was to pave a concrete mix with a thickness of 5 to 11cm and a concrete content of 10% onto the geotextile sheet. The binder course then followed, ensuring optimum adhesion of the sand due to its binder content while effectively damping noise at the same time.

The SUPER 800 is the star of the job site

The paving team faced another challenge when placing the three layers, as the maximum bearing capacity of the concrete slab was 1,500kg per square metre. The material was therefore transported by compact rubber-tracked loaders. For the paving work, contractor 3B rented a SUPER 800 with an AB 200 Extending Screed in TV version. With this lightweight VÖGELE paver, it was possible to stay clearly below the permissible maximum load. The SUPER 800 was able to demonstrate its impressive manœuvrability, guaranteeing the highest paving quality, even in the corners and along the lateral boundaries.

Only two days for perfect World Cup preparation

After starting in July, the work was finished after only two days. Perfect timing and perfect results: the absolutely even surface satisfied the high Boccia World Cup standards with ease. This was also due to the VÖGELE SUPER 800, which earned unmitigated praise from the job site team. Johnny Bortolussi, owner of the 3B construction company said: “The SUPER 800 is a true, top-quality professional with compact dimensions.”

Job Site Details

Conversion of the ice-skating stadium in Feltre, Italy into a boccia stadium
Length of section: 60m
Width of section: 30m

Paving Details
Pave width: 2m

Layer thickness:
base course 5 – 11cm
binder course 7cm
surfacing 2cm

Base course: cement mix with a cement content of 10%
Binder course: bitumen mix
Surfacing: special sand

SUPER 800 with AB 200 Extending Screed in TV version HAMM HD 8VV Roller