VÖGELE Paver Enlarges Container Terminal in Manila, Philippines

Strong basis for further growth.

Shipping traffic has already reached a high level on the world’s oceans and it will continue to grow. As globalization of the world economy increases, more and more goods are transported around the world – predominantly in container ships. To cope with this boom, port operators throughout the world are investing in new infrastructure. This was also the case at the largest container terminal in Manila. The company awarded the contract for the “MICT Berth 6” project was much impressed with the high laydown rate and high precompaction achieved by the SUPER 1600-2.

The SUPER 1600-2

The Philippine capital Manila is home to over a million people and an international logistics centre for goods of every kind. According to the operator of the “Manila International Container Terminal” or MICT for short, the largest and most modern in the city, 1.5 million 20-foot containers are handled here every year. Storage space was now running out. International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) which operates the terminal therefore decided to enlarge the 152,000m² landing area known as “Berth 6” by around 30,000m². The requirements to be met by this new area were high: after completion, it had to withstand weights of up to 6 tonnes per square metre. A very strong base was needed to shoulder such loads.

Two layers create a strong base

This is where the VÖGELE paver came into play: contractor EEI Corporation opted for a SUPER 1600-2 with AB 500 TV Extending Screed to do the job. EEI had already been impressed with VÖGELE pavers during an airport project and were convinced these machines could achieve a perfect and durable paving result here, too.

The base course was paved in two layers, each almost 30cm thick. All in all, the SUPER 1600-2 laid 167,800 tonnes of water-bound base course mix in Manila.

In order to build a solid foundation for the new terminal, a particularly thick base was planned and placed in two layers. For the first layer, 87,400 tonnes of water-bound base course mix were laid by the SUPER 1600-2 in widths from 4.5 to 5m. The paver managed to handle the specified layer thickness of 30cm with effortless ease – another reason why EEI had taken their decision in favour of VÖGELE technology: “Compared with other brands, the VÖGELE pavers easily make 10cm more in terms of layer thickness,” said Senior Site Supervisor Jerry O. Agtoto. For the second layer, 28cm thick and only slightly thinner than the first one, some 34,960 tonnes of water-bound base course material were placed. Two mobile mixing plants on the job site provided for an uninterrupted supply of mix to the paver.

SUPER 1600-2 ideal for medium and large paving projects

The ErgoPlus® operating system made operation of the SUPER 1600-2 with NIVELTRONIC Plus® very easy.

EEI made their decision in favour of the SUPER 1600-2 for good reason. On this contract, the paver once again furnished proof of being a perfect performer on medium to large construction projects, such as that in Manila. Its travel speed of up to 4.5km/h allows the paver to move easily and quickly from one project to another – also an important criterion for EEI when selecting the paver.

Maximum precision and accurate paving true to line and level were achieved by two variable mechanical grade sensors, each of them fitted with a 2m ski. In combination with VÖGELE NIVELTRONIC Plus®, the System for Automated Grade and Slope Control integrated into the ErgoPlus® operating system, a perfect pavement of high evenness was guaranteed.

Strong basis for extra storage space

Instead of paving an asphalt surfacing, contractor EEI laid paving setts, an alternative allowing low-cost replacement in case of need.

This way, the paving team had created a sound, strong base for the project’s next stages. On the water-bound base, the men placed some 70,000 tonnes of lean-mixed concrete, 20cm thick. This was followed by a 2cm bed of sand in which they laid paving setts. All in all, an 80cm package of paved material now supports the heavy containers and the terminal operators ICTSI are optimally prepared for the boom times ahead.

For EEI, too, the project was more than satisfactory. In addition to the absolutely reliable machine technology, the team also praised the support provided by the WIRTGEN GROUP’s Philippine branch and the VÖGELE team. “The service provided for road construction machines is the best in the country.”

Left: Luisito Manago, General Manager (WIRTGEN Philippines) Middle: Jerry O. Agtoto, Senior Site Supervisor (EEI) Right: Harald Reufels, Sales Manager Asia and Pacific (VÖGELE)

Job Site Details
Enlargement of container terminal “MICT Berth 6” in Manila, Philippines

Job site area: some 30,000m²

Paving Details
Pave width: 4.5 – 5m
Layer thickness: 1st layer 30cm, 2nd layer 28cm

Water-bound base course mix

SUPER 1600-2 with AB 500 TV Extending Screed
HAMM HD 110 Tandem Roller