VÖGELE Actively Supports Up and Coming Sports Talent

Laser Receiver for paving with millimetre accuracy

The hockey team of Mannheim Athletic and Sports Club called and VÖGELE answered. A paving team delegated by VÖGELE built an absolutely even asphalt base in a new hockey hall to provide the youth hockey team with better training conditions. The up and coming hockey talent will be training here as soon as the floor of the hall is finished. And to ensure that they enjoy perfect conditions, VÖGELE left nothing to chance and showed up with a modern SUPER 1800-2 paver including Laser Receiver.

Benefit work at the site of the VÖGELE headquarters

Indoor application: SUPER 1800-2 paving an absolutely even asphalt base.

VÖGELE not only supported the construction measures of the local hockey club with the ultimate in paver technology, but also with a complete paving team. The biggest challenge was to place as even a base as possible right up to the walls of the hall, which was anything but child’s play due to the presence of supporting steel pillars. This tricky task called for sophisticated paving technology. André Felchner, head of the VÖGELE paving team, decided to use a SUPER 1800-2 with an AB 500-2 Extending Screed in TV version with tamper and vibrators. Thanks to the screed’s excellent compactive effort, a small 1.5 tonne HAMM HD 10 roller was sufficient to bring about the final density of the asphalt layer. The material placed by the VÖGELE “works team” was a mix for combined base and wearing course laid in a thickness of 6cm. The SUPER 1800-2 paved the 50m long and 36m wide base in 8 passes each 4.5m wide. The hall covering an area of 1800m2 provides sufficient space for one competition field or two training fields.

Laser Receiver for paving with millimetre accuracy

Paving up to within just a few centimetres of the wall reduces manual laying to a minimum.

To ensure that the 8 strips matched seamlessly and were absolutely even, a VÖGELE Laser Receiver was used for grade and slope control. This system is particularly suited for surfacing large areas such as car parks, airfields or sports facilities. When working with a Laser Receiver installed on the paver, a laser unit emitting a rotating laser beam generates an absolutely even plane. This plane serves as a virtual reference for the elevation of the screed. The Laser Receiver on the machine picks up the screed’s actual position. Then NIVELTRONIC® Plus, the VÖGELE System for Automated Grade and Slope Control, continuously compares picked up data with specified data and, in the event of deviations, initiates the required correction. This way, the specified profile is adhered to within a tight millimetre range. This high accuracy is extremely important when it comes to paving work for sports facilities, as athletes require perfect conditions for their competition. In the case of the Mannheim hockey hall, the floor was laid directly on the asphalt base, with nothing in between than just a thin insulating layer.

VÖGELE Laser Receiver

SUPER 1800-2 and VÖGELE Laser Receiver.

The unit for non-contacting grade and slope control stands out through very easy use. Once connected to VÖGELE NIVELTRONIC® Plus, the Laser Receiver is recognized automatically as a sensor and is immediately ready for use. While paving, the mast to which the Laser Receiver is attached, does not need adjusting thanks to the receiver’s large measuring range. A rotary laser is in permanent contact with the Laser Receiver and any deviations from the specified grade or slope are detected immediately and signalled to the NIVELTRONIC® Plus system for correction.

Hockey hall of fame

The job site.

A special feature of the new “J&M Arena” hockey hall in Mannheim is the fact that it is a former tennis hall. The new hall certainly has star quality any way you look at it, as tennis legend Steffi Graf served her first aces here. With the Mannheim youth hockey club, the hall now has a worthy successor. The club has earned an excellent reputation in the sport of hockey and is renowned for outstanding youth work.

The Major Characteristics in Brief

  • The VÖGELE Laser Receiver is ideal, above all, for surfacing large areas (such as sports stadiums, car parks, storage areas, etc.).
  • The rotating beam emitted by the laser unit creates a laser plane picked up by the Laser Receiver.
  • Should the Laser Receiver installed on the paver move above or below the laser plane, signals for correction are emitted to NIVELTRONIC®, the System for Automated Grade and Slope Control.
  • The VÖGELE Laser Receiver can be used with standard-type rotary lasers featuring wavelengths between 670nm and 1,000nm.
  • Fitting at a height of up to 4.5m guarantees uninterrupted operation even with job site vehicles passing.

VÖGELE Laser Receiver LS-250

Operating Voltage: 20V d.c. - 30V d.c.
Current Input: 200mA (approx.)
Pick-up Range: 22cm (± 11cm)
Output Signal: 0.1V/cm (4V Reference)
Internal Resolution: 0.1mm
Wavelength: 670nm – 1,000nm
CAN Interface: ISO 11898 – 24V, 125 kBits/sec.
Ambient Temperature: -10 °C to +70 °C
Storage Temperature: -25 °C to +85 °C
Type of Enclosure: IP 65

André Felchner and his paving team with the chairman of TSV Mannheim hockey club.

Job Site Details
Paving asphalt base in a sports hall in Mannheim, Germany

Layer thickness: 6cm
Pave width: 4.5m
Paving material: combined base and wearing course mix (0/16)

SUPER 1800-2 with AB 500-2 Extending Screed in TV Version
HAMM HD 10 C Roller

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