SUPER 1800-2 Masters Long Stretches and Tight Bends

VÖGELE builds “Zaventem Proving Ground” for Toyota in Belgium

Utmost precision was called for when a joint venture between contractors Strabag AG and Max Bögl built a new automobile testing facility, the “Zaventem Proving Ground”, for Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA in Belgium. The SUPER 1800-2 from VÖGELE proved itself a totally reliable partner on this major project.

To achieve maximum evenness Strabag and Max Bögl opted for technology from VÖGELE.

Extremely strict quality standards had to be met by the SUPER 1800-2 on the job site of the “Zaventem Proving Ground” which contractors Strabag AG and Max Bögl built for Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA. Zaventem in Belgium is home to Toyota’s European research and development centre. The new grounds include slalom courses, a braking test course, ice course and a bump course to test the vehicles which are developed here. In order to obtain robust results, the entire grounds with a total area of 51,500m² had to be built to the highest standards of precision. This was a prestigious project which promised great kudos for the contractors – provided their performance was up to the mark. This prompted them to opt for a SUPER 1800-2 from VÖGELE with AB 500-2 Extending Screed in TV version.

Tests to obtain the optimum mix

Precise grade and slope control for the base and binder courses thanks to multi-cell sonic sensors.

In a preparatory phase, disused buildings on the site were demolished and land was filled up and levelled. Four layers were then placed in total after stabilizing the soil with cement: a 30cm crushed-stone layer containing portions of recycled material was planned for the sub-base. This was followed by an 8cm base of AC 32 T S and AC 22 T S asphaltic concrete and a 4cm binder course of AC 16 B S asphaltic concrete. The surface course, also 4cm thick, was made of AC 11 D S asphaltic concrete. Numerous detailed tests had been carried out before starting the job in order to find out the ideal mix compositions. The aggregate used for the mix came from different quarries in order to meet the special requirements of the job.

Long stretches, tight bends

Automatic recognition of sensors used for NIVELTRONIC Plus®.

The requirements to be met by the SUPER 1800-2 were just as strict: a minimum pave speed of 3.5m/min. had to be maintained and stopping during the paving process was out of the question in any case, for quality reasons. “The machine had to be just right,” said Project Manager Felix Brühl for Strabag AG. And it was in every respect, for the SUPER 1800-2’s versatility makes it the ideal candidate for such projects. With a laydown rate of 700 tonnes/h, it can easily pave long stretches, such as the straight tracks in Zaventem. At the same time, its compact design with a machine length of just 6m also makes it perfect for paving tight bends. It is one of the most popular VÖGELE pavers of the “dash 2” generation, and little wonder.

The high pavement quality was to a large extent due to ErgoPlus®, the well-proven and innovative concept for paver and screed operation developed by VÖGELE.

Since the proving ground was built in several relatively short sections, the paver worked alone despite the huge overall area. “Most of the time the pave width selected was 5m, although sometimes the screed was extended to 6m,” reported Brühl. “All the main tracks were paved without bolt-on extensions.” The high structural stability of the extending screed was a reliable asset here. It is essentially due to the single-tube telescoping system for screed width control: any sagging is prevented, as the three-section telescoping tubes are extended by no more than half even with the screed set up to its maximum pave width. During the paving process, the SUPER 1800-2 thus lived up to expectations, demonstrating an impressively high precision. “We paved test areas on site,” said Brühl. “This meant that we could constantly verify the paved results.” Extensive compaction samples were regularly taken whenever 500m² had been paved, in order to assure the quality of the pavement.

Grade and slope control with the Big MultiPlex Ski

The SUPER 1800-2: perfectly organized job site logistics.

On the subject of grade and slope control: a variety of systems were used to ensure the high surface accuracy of the individual layers. A tensioned wire was tracked by multi-cell sonic sensors when paving base and binder courses. The paver then came with the Big MultiPlex Ski for grade and slope control of the wearing course. And the results spoke for themselves: the permitted tolerance of 3mm over a 4m stretch in transverse direction, including joints, was always undershot. “There was almost no deviation from the specified evenness,” said Brühl, not without a touch of pride, and recalls: “It was a real pleasure to hand the job over to the customer.” When it comes to meeting the most demanding customer requirements, machines from VÖGELE pay off.

Job Site Details
Construction of the new “Zaventem Proving Ground” in Belgium

Job site area: 51,500m²

Paving Details
Pave width: 2.75 – 6m
Layer thickness:
Base course 8cm
Binder course 4cm
Wearing course 4cm

Base course: asphaltic concrete AC 32 T S and AC 22 T S
Binder course: asphaltic concrete AC 16 B S
Wearing course: asphaltic concrete AC 11 D S

SUPER 1800-2 with AB 500-2 Extending Screed in TV Version