VÖGELE Paver Achieves Maximum Precompaction

RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete).

The paver and screed technology of VÖGELE not only produces perfect results when it comes to asphalt paving. Well-founded know-how is also needed for highly cost-effective and high-quality paving of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC). This has been demonstrated in Indianapolis, USA, where RCC and asphalt were paved using the combination of SUPER 2100-2 paver and AB 600 High Compaction Screed in TP2 version. As the degree of precompaction is crucial in this process, the machine technology of VÖGELE was predestined for the job.

SUPER 2100-2 with AB 600 High Compaction Screed in TP2 version reconstructs municipal roads using Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) and asphalt in Indianapolis, USA.

Cost efficiency is one of the key criteria in road construction. So, a contractor who can pave a range of different materials with a single equipment combination obviously has a major advantage. It was precisely this advantage that construction firm Calumet Civil Contractors Inc., Whitestown, Indiana, utilized when reconstructing roads in Indianapolis. A 12.5cm layer of RCC had to be placed across a width of 6m. In order to achieve the specified high degree of evenness and grip, a 3.8cm surfacing of conventional asphalt needed to be paved on top of the RCC. To ensure maximum paving quality for both layers, Calumet relied on a powerful tracked VÖGELE SUPER 2100-2 paver combined with an AB 600 High Compaction Screed in TP2 version.

SUPER 2100-2 in its element

The SUPER 2100-2 made a magnificent job of paving the RCC. The overall concept of the paver and the material conveying and spreading systems are designed so that high laydown rates and thick layers are also possible with materials such as water-bound base or RCC. Thanks to its engine featuring ECO Mode, the SUPER 2100-2 operates highly cost-efficiently, as this mode reduces fuel consumption and wear. The SUPER 2100-2 also scores on exhaust emission, fulfilling the stringent COM 3a and EPA 3 standards.

Precompaction values up to 98% thanks to VÖGELE

Screed operator and Vögele paver with ErgoPlus®.

To achieve perfect paving quality under the eagle eyes of the Indianapolis Building Authority, Calumet relied on VÖGELE High Compaction Technology. The contractor opted to combine the paver with the AB 600 High Compaction Screed in TP2 version, which can really make full use of its strengths when it comes to the challenging task of paving RCC. When placing this material, the screed has to achieve a very high degree of precompaction to avoid the need for multiple roller passes. The latter might lead to damaged pavement edges and unsatisfactory transitions, which could in turn diminish the evenness of the surface. What’s more, too many roller passes also risk to impair the final road profile. The AB 600 in TP2 version comes with tamper and 2 pressure bars. The pressure of the pressure bars is infinitely variable between 40 and 130 bar. For the job in Indianapolis, a pressure of 90 bar was selected on account of the paving material’s properties. This setting yielded compaction values up to 98%, so that the final density could be produced by just a small 3.5-tonne roller operating in static mode. The result was a pavement with a maximum degree of evenness and truth to line and level.


Vögele paver.

The responsible persons at Calumet Civil Contractors were totally satisfied with the combination of SUPER 2100-2 and AB 600 TP2 High Compaction Screed. Work commenced in August 2009 and, by mid-September, RCC had already been paved across the full width of 6m on four roads and the asphalt surfacing, too, had been placed. Steve Sweet, Sales Manager for RCC at Calumet, is highly enthusiastic: “At present, we have enough jobs for RCC paving. But we’re already looking forward to paving asphalt in large projects with this high-performance VÖGELE technology.” And last but not least: the critical representatives of the City of Indianapolis were also highly impressed with the paving results.

Roller Compacted Concrete: A Job for High Compaction Technology

SUPER 2100-2: Facts and Figures

  • Maximum pave width 13m
  • Laydown rate up to 1,100 tonnes/h
  • Maximum layer thickness 30cm
  • Transport width 2.55m
  • Pave speed up to 25m/min.
  • Travel speed up to 4.5km/h
  • DEUTZ engine rated at 182kW
  • ErgoPlus® operating concept
  • Hardtop

Job Site Details
Pavement reconstruction for municipal roads in Indianapolis, USA

Paving Details
Pave width: 6m
Layer thickness:
base course 12.5cm
surface course 3.8cm

Paving material:
Base course:
Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)
Wearing course: asphalt

SUPER 2100-2 with AB 600 High Compaction Screed in TP2 version
Pressure for pressure bars: 90 bar