Quality in clear view
VÖGELE RoadScan, a contactless temperature-measurement system, makes paving quality measurable and verifiable

Making quality measurable is one of the big issues for contractors and clients worldwide. One of the key criteria for the durability of roads is maintaining a constant temperature of the freshly paved asphalt. As a result, the significance of area-wide temperature monitoring is currently on the rise in more and more markets. With RoadScan, VÖGELE's contactless temperature measurement system, the company is on the leading edge of this future trend.

High-precision infrared camera with 100% measurement coverage

The heart of the RoadScan system is an infrared camera which scans the asphalt pavement behind the screed over the entire area. What sets the system apart is its unrivalled measuring accuracy. The VÖGELE system captures grids of 25 x 25cm-sized tiles at a measuring width of 10m. Each of these tiles contains up to 16 single measuring points which are then used to calculate a mean value. That allows the system to capture the newly paved surface with no gaps, and so no theoretical or computed values need to be added. The measurable temperature range of RoadScan lies between 0°C and 250°C with a tolerance of only ±2°C.

The purpose of RoadScan's other components is to capture the base temperature before paving (pyrometer), record precise positional data (high-precision GPS receiver) and document the wind strength and direction, ambient temperature, air pressure and humidity (weather station available as an option).

Integration into ErgoPlus 3

Just as one would expect of VÖGELE equipment, the RoadScan system is intuitive to operate and can easily be activated from the paver operator’s ErgoPlus 3 console. The user views the temperatures currently being recorded on the colour display, and these are clearly visualised using thermal images and in real time. The paver operator can program the colour scale to allow any deviation from the required temperature of the freshly paved asphalt to be quickly identified. That makes VÖGELE RoadScan an effective instrument for ensuring high paving quality – without unduly increasing the paving team's work load.

Encrypted recording of measurement data

The measurement data obtained using RoadScan is also stored in the paver operator's ErgoPlus 3 console. After paving, this data can be read off via an external data storage device. At the same time, VÖGELE has taken effective measures to protect the data via a specially designed memory stick which communicates with a VÖGELE interface on the paver operator's ErgoPlus 3 console; this in turn transfers the data in encrypted form. The data is then analysed in the office using the RoadScan Analysis web application, which presents the data in different types of diagrams and in a map view.

Integration into WITOS Paving

VÖGELE RoadScan can also be integrated into WITOS Paving. This innovative IT-based tool for the process optimization of asphalt job sites helps companies to plan more transparently and respond flexibly to interruptions in ongoing operations, significantly increasing overall cost efficiency.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein / April 2016