Optimizing processes, enhancing efficiency.
WITOS Paving, the VÖGELE solution for process optimization and documentation

Amid growing cost pressures and demands for better pavement quality and a longer road service life, it is becoming increasingly important to exploit untapped potential in the paving process. This is precisely where WITOS Paving comes into play. The VÖGELE solution for process optimization and documentation lays the basis for more effective planning, greater transparency and a more rapid response to disruptions in the main processes associated with asphalt paving.

The supervisors in the asphalt mixing plant, the logistics company's lorry drivers and the paving team on site are fully integrated into the construction process via WITOS Paving. WITOS Paving assists planners and site managers by providing them with a detailed overview of the ongoing construction project, giving them decisive possibilities for intervening, for instance by making use of control options in real time in the case of deviations from the planned workflow.

After completing a job, WITOS Paving can analyse and document the project. The results indicate options for optimizing future jobs and the overall cost-efficiency of road construction projects is significantly enhanced.

WITOS Paving sets new standards

WITOS stands for "WIRTGEN GROUP Innovative Telematics and On-Site Solutions". WITOS Paving from VÖGELE combines fleet management with a powerful, software-based system for process optimization and documentation, meaning that its focus is on the efficiency and quality of asphalt projects and all the related processes, from asphalt production and transport, all the way to paving. The system offers unique advantages because it was developed by VÖGELE and therefore can communicate with the SUPER road pavers: WITOS Paving receives paving data, such as speed, pave width and layer thickness, directly from the paver.

Critical process parameters, such as delivery quantities, loading times, arrival times and the paving parameters, are automatically displayed for the site manager, mixing plant team, paving foreman and paver operator. As a result, both the job site and supply chain are transparent to all parties involved in the process. Efficient process management during construction is now a reality. What is more, comprehensive planning and analysis tools ensure extensive transparency and support a lasting improvement in quality, the optimization of all sub-processes and a reduction in costs. With WITOS Paving, conflicting cost, quality and scheduling targets can be fully reconciled and all economic parameters improved simultaneously.

As the manufacturer of the machine technology and the developer of WITOS Paving, VÖGELE are the only supplier to offer a fully integrated overall system with perfectly matching components. Among other things, this means that WITOS Paving can directly access paver data, VÖGELE’s machine training programme also covers WITOS Paving, and service for WITOS Paving software and machines is provided from a single source.

Five modules for pioneering road construction

Comprising the five modules "Control", "Materials", "Transport", "JobSite" and "Analysis", WITOS Paving is a comprehensive tool for networked process optimization in asphalt paving. Optimizing the entire construction process helps to exploit potentials for reducing costs, shortening the duration of the project and improving pavement quality.

WITOS Paving Control:
The planning and control module with assistant for convenient planning and monitoring of a current construction project

WITOS Paving Control supports convenient project planning by providing an assistant that systematically guides the user through the planning process. All key points are collected: the selected mixing plant from the master database; the recorded paving parameters, such as pave width, pave speed, etc.; the required machinery and material quantities, including their availability in terms of time and material quality.

The planning and control module is an important source of information for the site manager. With this module, he can monitor the project’s progress – in real time – and call up status information on material delivery. Moreover, information on the paver’s operating status is available to the site manager at all times, helping him to monitor and analyse the current construction job.

Even the temperature of the freshly paved asphalt can be displayed and monitored in WITOS Paving Control using the RoadScan function. All in all, the planning and control module ensures perfectly cycled, on-site operations and optimizes time and materials planning according to the just-in-time principle.

WITOS Paving Materials:
The mixing plant module for the just-in-time supply of material to a job site based on dynamically cycled delivery

The number of mix lorries calculated by the planning and control module is linked with relevant data from the mixing plant. This information serves as a basis for calculating the mix lorry cycles and the arrival times of material deliveries on the job site. In this way, paving and compacting operations can be optimally coordinated with material deliveries. The objective is to boost performance by means of precise daily planning and management. The asphalt mixing plant operator has a continuous overview of the transport chain and can view important information on the project status.

WITOS Paving Transport:
The transport module updates the expected time of arrival based on the current position of a lorry

Thanks to WITOS Paving, the paving team and mixing plant continually receive up-to-the-minute information on the arrival of mix lorries on the job site. With this information, construction projects can be handled much more reliably and in significantly higher quality than before.

The transport module guarantees economical use of the mix lorries. An Android app for the lorry drivers provides important details on the job, such as scheduled arrival times, and regularly transmits the GPS positions of the lorries to WITOS Paving. As a result, the system can continuously update the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and reliably relay this information to parties involved in the process on the job site and at the mixing plant. A map accessible via the app visualizes the precise location of both the job site and the mixing plant.

WITOS Paving JobSite:
The job site module for efficient process management during the construction process

The job site module is the pacemaker of WITOS Paving. It gives the paving foreman and site manager full transparency on the project, ensuring efficient process management throughout the construction period. The job site module delivers important real-time information on the project’s progress, paving performance and the number of mix lorries.

Together with indication of the planned and actual values for paving time, paved distance and quantity of paved material, this permits direct detection of deviations from the plan, such as higher material consumption. As a result, continuous paving is assured. The job site module also allows delivery notes to be entered at the push of a button.

As the machine manufacturer, VÖGELE offers unprecedented added value with WITOS Paving, because it is an integral part of the ErgoPlus 3 operating concept. The paver operator's console provides the operator with important information, for example about the project’s progress in terms of paving time or paved distance, quantity of material placed or the temperature of the freshly paved mix. In addition, WITOS Paving features many other functions. The places where drill cores have been taken, for instance, can be saved via the ErgoPlus 3 display for later documentation and analysis.

When WITOS Paving works in combination with VÖGELE RoadScan, the paver operator can monitor the temperature of the freshly paved mix on a high-resolution display screen in real time. This is a very important control function that increases pavement quality.

The heart of the RoadScan system is an infrared camera that scans the entire asphalt pavement. What sets the system apart is its unrivalled measuring accuracy: the VÖGELE system captures grids 25 x 25cm in size at a measuring width of 10m. Each of these squares contains up to 16 single measuring points which are then used to calculate a mean value. That allows the system to capture the newly paved surface, and no theoretical or computed values need to be added. The measurable temperature range of RoadScan lies between 0°C and 250°C with a tolerance of ±2°C.

WITOS Paving Analysis:
The analysis module for documentation and analysis of a construction job

This WITOS Paving analysis, statistics and documentation tool permits objective assessment of a construction project. Easily understandable and clearly arranged diagrams and charts (e.g. maps, aerial photos) enable the site manager or planning engineer to draw important conclusions from a completed construction project. Where did which lorry unload material? At what temperature was paving carried out? What was the pave speed? Where did the paver wait? How many mix lorries were on the job site? How long were the waiting times and could the number of mix lorries have been reduced? What costs were caused by waiting times? How effectively was the paver utilized? WITOS Paving Analysis provides the answers to all these questions. The findings gained here permit the continuous improvement of future projects. In addition, the WITOS Paving Analysis module allows for a detailed documentation of the entire process chain, from asphalt production to paving.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein/April 2017