Cutting-Edge Technology and Ergonomic Operation – The New Extending Screeds from VÖGELE

Immense range of applications with the new AB 500 and
AB 600 screeds.

At bauma 2013 in Munich, JOSEPH VÖGELE AG will present a total of eleven world firsts in the field of pavers and extending screeds to the trade public. Together with the tractor units, VÖGELE have also improved their screed technology and developed new AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds.

Innovative screed technology ensures perfect pavement quality

VÖGELE's AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds are ideal for all manner of jobs requiring variability and adaptability. With their infinitely variable single-tube telescoping system, the screeds cover an immense range of job applications with pave widths from 2.55m to 9.5m. The screeds combine with all the SUPER pavers featuring a basic width of 2.55m and 3m. In addition, they can also be equipped with various compaction systems, depending on the paver model and application. The large number of possible combinations and different compaction options open up an almost limitless range of job applications for the extending screeds.

Pavement quality is further enhanced by technical innovations in the AB 500 and AB 600 making the screeds child's play to operate. Among other things, these include easily and precisely adjustable hydraulic side plates, as well as hydraulic crown adjustment which is integrated as a standard feature and can be adjusted directly from the screed console. Wear resistance of the screed plates has also been improved, the time required to heat up the screed shortened considerably, and the tamper geometry optimized. All these features make for better compaction and evenness.

The new screeds are instantly identified by the vibration-damped middle ascent. The ascent is comfortably designed with low steps and an additional hinged step. In addition, occupational safety is also greatly improved by the low and easily accessible walkway.

Greater convenience when paving, the new screed console

Optimum working conditions are essential, especially for the screed operator. After all, he is largely responsible for giving the road its first-class asphalt pavement. The new screed consoles of the "dash 3" paver generation include a number of innovative features to assist the operator:

Colour display
The high-contrast colour display with 11cm screen diagonal guarantees optimum visibility from all angles. The clear menu structure with new pop-up menus and the self-explanatory language-neutral symbols make operation particularly safe and simple. Both the left and right-hand side of each screed can be controlled from each screed console.

VÖGELE's SmartWheel is a completely new innovation in the world of road construction. Not only can this revolving controller be operated "blindfold", it also ensures that the pave width is adjusted with absolute precision. Two speeds are available to extend and retract the screed quickly or slowly simply by turning the SmartWheel. This is an extremely useful feature when major adjustments in pave width are required.

Optimum illumination
The new screed console is specially designed for nighttime operation. To prevent operator errors, the buttons light up as soon as dusk falls or in darkness. What's more, the new high-power LED lighting gives the operator a perfect view of all processes associated with the side plate. It has a light intensity of 1lx and illuminates distances of up to 1m.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein / January 2013