Paver Driver's Licence for Certified Paver Drivers

Road pavers play a crucial role in modern road construction. Construction processes are complex and varied, making operation of the relevant paver models a highly demanding task. The know-how and skills required to handle pavers in line with the regulations are important when it comes to ensuring day-to-day safety on the job site. One way to furnish proof of these skills is to take the examination for "certified paver drivers".

Headed up by ZUMBau (licensed machine operators in the construction industry), the German building trade, the construction industry, the construction trade association and machinery manufacturers have joined forces to introduce the paver driver's licence and define the scope of the examination. The driving test is authorized by the Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie (Central Federation of the German Construction Industry), the Zentralverband des Deutschen Baugewerbes (Central Association of the German Building Trade) and the Berufsgenossenschaft Bau (Workers' Compensation Insurance Association for the Construction Industry).

Preparatory course for the examination.

There are several authorized examination centres in Germany. They are listed at Two training centres currently offer the examination and a preparatory training course: the VÖGELE Centre for Training and Technology, or CTT for short, in Ludwigshafen am Rhein and the Ausbildungszentrum Bau-ABC Rostrup in Bad Zwischenahn.

The objective of the training courses is to raise safety-consciousness and increase driving safety, to reduce the machine downtimes and repair costs caused by incorrect operation and to boost efficiency. The courses are suitable for old hands and learners alike, as well as for people switching from other professions. Anyone wishing to acquire the knowledge needed for the two-day theoretical and practical ZUMBau examination would be well-advised to participate in the eight-day preparatory course. There are three examiners at the final examination: a Workers' Compensation Insurance Association employee, an employee of the examination centre and a member of ZUMBau.

The courses are taken by true pros.

Course participants are prepared for the examination by experienced applications engineers from JOSEPH VÖGELE AG. The following theoretical and practical knowledge is conveyed: basic principles of roller-compacted asphalt paving, job-site safety, road paver operation and machine technology, documentation and operating instructions as well as paving techniques, optional equipment and grade and slope control systems. During the practical course units, the participants are shown how to operate road pavers in accordance with all safety and environmental provisions on a dedicated outdoor training site.

VÖGELE Centre for Training and Technology

Seminar room at the VÖGELE Centre for Training and Technology.

The VÖGELE Centre for Training and Technology, or CTT for short, is located in Ludwigshafen am Rhein on the grounds of the VÖGELE plant, the world's most modern paver factory. At the training centre, skills and know-how are passed on first-hand on an area of nearly 1,000m². The CTT is one of the largest and best advanced training centres in the construction machinery sector.

The modern centre offers spacious, optimally equipped seminar rooms. The courses are taken by true pros, ensuring that theory and practice go hand in hand. An outdoor training site of around 3,000m² is available for paving exercises under job site conditions. Various scenarios can be realistically simulated here and the machine functions can be explained in a practical and visual way.

Bau-ABC Rostrup

Marcel Burkevics, second-year trainee.

Bau-ABC Rostrup is one of the largest training centres in the German construction industry. Each year, it provides industry-wide courses for over 1,800 trainees, using advanced equipment and systems. Its activities are rounded off by advanced training courses for prospective site management staff such as overseers, plant foremen, certified foremen and master craftsmen. Bau-ABC Rostrup has 16 training halls offering a total roofed training area of 10,500m², plus an outdoor training site measuring 20,000m². The curriculum encompasses around 20 different professions from road construction staff, construction machinery operators, mechanics for land and construction machinery and special civil engineers. Trainees at Bau-ABC Rostrup not only learn how to carry out construction tasks, but also how to handle demanding materials and increasingly complex, often computer-controlled construction machines professionally.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein / April 2013