The Name VÖGELE Stands for More Quality
in Road Construction

Innovative technologies and solutions from JOSEPH VÖGELE AG.

A hitch-free work process is particularly important in order to ensure quality and cost-efficiency in road construction. All work steps must be perfectly coordinated. For this reason, JOSEPH VÖGELE AG produces not only individual technologies, but also complete systems which follow logically one from the other: material management, machine operation, feeding the paver with mix, machine and screed technology, and process management all form a single unit in VÖGELE's quality philosophy.

Quality through: VÖGELE feeder technology

Uninterrupted asphalt paving is based on the material management of the VÖGELE PowerFeeder. High daily laydown rates with outstanding quality can only be realized in this way. VÖGELE's attention focuses particularly on ensuring that the mix is transferred to the paver with absolute precision and reliability, and without contact.

Automatic distance control helps the paver operator to concentrate entirely on the transfer of mix. Additional safety is assured by the collision protection system: if there is any risk of a collision, the paver following behind the feeder is automatically stopped and a potential collision prevented.

Special technical solutions have been developed to prevent segregation of the mix as it is being transferred to the paver's material hopper. Conical worm conveyors in the receiving hopper of the feeder and the trough-shaped belt conveyor serve to homogenize the mix.

Quality through: perfect transfer of the mix with "PaveDock Assistant" and "PaveDock"

"PaveDock Assistant" and "PaveDock" push-rollers from VÖGELE make a perfect combination, ensuring maximum process safety when transferring mix in road construction projects without feeder. "PaveDock Assistant" is a simple and reliable communication system permitting optimum coordination between paver operator and feed vehicle driver. The signal lights mounted on the right and left of the paver's hardtop and the associated controls on the paver operator's ErgoPlus 3 console are key elements. The sprung "PaveDock" push-rollers efficiently absorb any jolts produced as the feed vehicle docks on.

Quality through: intelligent material management

Effective, high-quality material management is crucial in assuring the quality of the end product – the road. The powerful and efficient material transfer system from VÖGELE operates without unnecessary transfer points, ensures a permanent flow of mix and consistently prevents it from segregating. Use of a modern feeder of the VÖGELE PowerFeeder generation is a safe and economical way to obtain a top-quality mix for paving.

The feeders from VÖGELE are equipped with a system of conical worm conveyors and a trough-shaped belt conveyor to ensure a more homogeneous mix and significantly improve its quality. The material is effectively prevented from segregating as it is transferred to the paver's extra material hopper. This extra material hopper for the paver has been designed without unnecessary edges and corners in order to optimize the flow of mix. Gently rising conveyors in the paver and a particularly effective system of augers with large-diameter blades ensure a perfect head of mix in front of the screed.

Effective VÖGELE material management improves the quality of the paving mix ten-fold as compared to classical paving without a feeder.

Quality through: innovative screed technology

Our screed technology has also been optimized during the development of the "dash 3" generation of pavers: the geometry of the tamper bar, wearing bar and screed plate has been modified to give the screed a flatter planing angle. This is an important prerequisite ensuring a high-quality paved result.

The SmartWheel on the operator's console is another major innovation reducing the number of paving errors. This rotary controller, which can also be operated "blindfold", lets the screed be set to the required pave width with absolute precision. Two speeds are available to extend and retract the screed at high or low speed simply by turning the SmartWheel.

Niveltronic Plus, the high-precision automated grade and slope control system, forms the basis for extremely even paving true to line and level on any base. Niveltronic Plus uses a variety of sensors which can be adapted quickly and flexibly as required. Irregularities in the base are reliably detected and compensated so that the roadway can be produced with the required evenness and layer thickness.

Quality through: automated processes with "AutoSet Plus"

“AutoSet Plus” has two handy automatic functions. The automatic repositioning and transport function greatly facilitates the continuation of work when moving the paver on the job site from one work section to another, or after the paver has been transported. Simply pressing the Execute button quickly and reliably readies the paver for moves on the job site or for transport. Pressing the button again returns the machine to the previously stored working position.

The automatic function for paving programs, on the other hand, allows the operating personnel to store specific paving programs in the paving process. Values for tamper and vibrator speed, conveyor and auger speed, height of the auger and pave speed are stored at the push of a button. Once stored, the program can be retrieved and reused whenever needed.

By automating recurrent functions with "AutoSet Plus", quality can be improved and the paving process made more convenient.

Quality through: cutting-edge measurement technology with the "RoadScan" system

With the thermographic "RoadScan" module from VÖGELE, the temperature of the asphalt can be measured directly behind the screed. The results are made available to the paver operator and/or site supervisor in the form of significant values and clearly laid out graphs. In this way, the quality of the mix can be monitored and documented during the paving process.

If VÖGELE "RoadScan" is used in combination with WITOS Paving, the “Analysis” module delivers comprehensive assessments which provide significant basic information for the site supervisor, paving crew and manager of the mixing plant.

What's more, the measured values can also be continuously forwarded to the HAMM rollers involved in the process and their HCQ Navigator for documentation and analysis of the resultant compaction. Compaction quality can constantly be improved in this way.

Quality through: process optimization with WITOS Paving

WITOS stands for "WIRTGEN GROUP Telematics and On-Site Solutions". With WITOS, the WIRTGEN GROUP offers extensive, high-grade telematics solutions for fleet management and services, as well as for optimizing work processes in road construction. On the basis of experience with "lean management", all work flows are analysed and made available to all parties with the aid of telematics systems. Processes are optimized and enhanced in the following areas: "Job site and machine planning", "Mixing plant and transport of the mix" as well as "Paving with the road paver".

This innovation additionally offers numerous documentation and analysis capabilities for sustainable optimization of the processes. WITOS Paving consequently plays a significant part in improving the quality of road construction, reducing construction times and boosting the cost-efficiency of construction projects.

VÖGELE – Systematic quality

Building roads is a challenge as regards both logistics and technology. Together with the enhancement of existing technologies, the development of new technologies and solutions gives JOSEPH VÖGELE AG major advantages over the competition.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein / April 2013