MT 3000-2 Offset: The Versatile VÖGELE Feeder with Pivoting Conveyor

Greater performance thanks to new VÖGELE PowerFeeder generation

The ultra-modern VÖGELE PowerFeeder MT 3000-2 Offset can do a great deal more than previous feeders. The pivoting conveyor opens up a wide range of applications that greatly improve machine utilization.

Innovative pivoting conveyor

Height adjustment of the conveyor

The innovative pivoting conveyor lies at the heart of the Offset technology. The 1.1m wide conveyor can be pivoted to the left or right by 55° and inclined upwards by 23°, opening up a whole variety of potential uses. As a result, the mix at the end of the conveyor can be discharged up to 3.5m left or right of the feeder at a height of 0.8m to 3.7m. The feeder is ideally suited for supplying pavers with mix from the side, backfilling trenches or filling the spaces between safety barriers during motorway construction. It is also recommended for roadworks on hard shoulders.

And not only asphalt can be precisely fed to the desired place. Numerous other materials, such as gravel, water-bound base course mix, recycled material or topsoil can also be conveyed. The trough-shaped design (30°) of the conveyor belt prevents any segregation of material. The belt itself is particularly long-lasting, as it is an industrially manufactured endless belt.

The smart automatic belt tensioning system also contributes substantially to the longevity of the belt. The belt is only tensioned to the maximum extent when absolutely necessary. The belt tension increases until 100% of the drive power is transmitted, and the tension decreases if a lower conveying capacity is sufficient. This means that the belt is only tightly tensioned for short periods, extending its service life considerably.

Maximum conveying capacity for uninterrupted paving

Emptying of a A 25t feed lorry in just 60 seconds.

The uninterrupted and non-contacting supply of mix to pavers, achieved by the feeder, is a decisive factor for a perfect paving quality. Not only, but above all, on large-scale projects when large quantities of material need to be transferred to one or more pavers as quickly as possible.

With the MT 3000-2 Offset, the highest possible conveying capacity is guaranteed at all times. The high-performance VÖGELE PowerFeeder can empty a 25t feed lorry in a breathtaking 60 seconds thanks to various features installed in the machine. The feeder’s material hopper can hold up to 8 tonnes of mix. The worm conveyors, for which proportional control is provided, come with large worm blades (400mm) ensuring a homogeneous conveyance of mix without residues. And last but not least, the conveyor is capable of transferring up to 1,200 tonnes of mix per hour.

This high conveying capacity speeds up job site logistics considerably and leaves the drivers of feed lorries more time to manœuvre. The overall machine concept ensures that paving can proceed without interruption, thus avoiding humps which often appear in the pavement when resuming paving after a stop.

Wide range of applications

Feeding from the side of the conveyor

Feeders are most commonly used for the construction of large roads, such as motorways or trunk roads. The new VÖGELE PowerFeeder MT 3000-2 Offset is perfectly tailored for use when paving “hot to hot” with two pavers. The Offset technology is ideal, too, for filling the spaces between safety barriers on motorways or long-distance roads quickly and economically.

As a further example, the feeder can display its full capabilities when it comes to surfacing footpaths or cycle paths. Thanks to its pivoting conveyor, it can travel on the main road and conveniently transfer mix to a small or compact paver on the cycle path. The new VÖGELE PowerFeeder MT 3000-2 Offset is also ideal for use in an Line Pave® train, where its pivoting conveyor alternately supplies mix to the paver for binder course and the paver for surface course by way of a transfer module.

Sophisticated yet simple-to-use operating concept

Easy and safe control of the machine and the belt conveyor by one or two operators.

Like all machines of the “dash 2” generation of VÖGELE machines, the MT 3000-2 Offset comes with the intuitive ErgoPlus® operating system. Fitted with two seats as standard, the feeder can be operated by one or two persons. On complex job sites, this allows one operator to focus exclusively on the conveying process transferring mix from the feed lorry to the paver, while the other one operates the conveyor. The conveyor is controlled with high sensitivity via a newly designed joystick integrated in the armrest of the driver’s seat.

To raise or lower the pivoting conveyor, the operator pulls the joystick back or pushes it forwards. The joystick is turned to execute a lateral movement. A safety switch prevents displacement of the conveyor due to accidentally touching the joystick.

The conveying capacity is controlled by two push-buttons on the joystick. The yellow button sets the standard conveying speed. This speed can be briefly overridden by pressing the white button if a particularly high conveying capacity is required. The conveyor speed is infinitely variable. Of course, all functions related to the conveying process can also be controlled from the operator's console.