New VÖGELE SUPER 2100-3 a Great Success in the Peruvian Andes

It was enthusiasm at first sight. At bauma 2013, Carlos M. Salcedo de la Vega decided to buy the new VÖGELE SUPER 2100-3. The project manager at Conalvias Construcciones, Peru, was impressed by the power of the drive and the versatility and robustness of the machine. 

At an altitude of 4,000m the air is thin not only for people, but for machinery too. While the oxygen content at sea level is 21%, it amounts to just 12% at such high altitudes. The air pressure is also a good 40% lower than at sea level. Under these extreme working conditions, the use of a particularly strong paver is key to maximizing productivity and ensuring the success of a road construction project. For the 206km road connecting Ayacucho with the town of Puquio – i.e. straight across the Andes – the innovative drive concept of the new SUPER 2100-3 set new standards in terms of performance. And it certainly raised the bar to unheard of heights, in the truest sense of the word.

The 179kW mountain climber

The SUPER 2100-3 is the most powerful paver in the new "dash 3" generation from VÖGELE. It is powered by a modern, liquid-cooled Cummins 6-cylinder diesel engine whose reliable start-up and operation in the thin air at that altitude is a simple matter for the splitter gearbox of the VÖGELE EcoPlus package. The full performance capacity of this workhorse is ensured by the perfect cooling of the engine coolant, hydraulic oil and charge air via a large cooler assembly with innovative air routing. Powerful electro-hydraulically controlled separate drives installed directly in the running gear of the crawler tracks transfers the tremendous drive power into pave speed without loss. The 3.06m-long crawler tracks ensure maximum traction and constant operating speed even on difficult terrain. This drive concept has enabled the SUPER 2100-3 not only to master the extreme conditions with ease, but even push heavy lorries up the steep passes.

Super powerful, super intelligent, super economical

Economy was another convincing argument in favour of using the new SUPER 2100-3 for the 206km-long construction project. After all, fuel supplies present a much greater logistical challenge on the Peruvian plateau than on inner-city building sites.

The innovative VÖGELE EcoPlus low-emissions package of the SUPER 2100-3 comes with a whole series of features to reduce noise levels and slash fuel consumption. All the hydraulic pumps needed for "traction", "conveyors and augers" and "compaction" are automatically disengaged if the paver is idle for more than one minute. When combined with the energy-optimized tamper drive, variable-speed fan and controlled hydraulic oil temperature circuit, this allows fuel costs to be cut by around 25%.

The new "dash 3" generation has plenty more to offer

The list of "dash 3" innovations is a long one. These are just the most impressive: PaveDock and PaveDock Assistant guarantee prompt, reliable delivery of the mix to the paver. Jolts when the feed lorry docks are effectively absorbed and communication between the feed lorry driver and paver operator greatly facilitated by a signal light system. The automatic repositioning and transport mode of the AutoSet Plus system simplifies the process of recommencing work after changing job site sections or transporting the paver. The automatic function for paving programs, on the other hand, allows the operating personnel to store specific paving programs in the paving process. And the new ErgoPlus 3 operating concept with colour display, lateral rain and wind protection, extended screed console and many other improvements ensures full control over the machine and the paving process.

Water-bound base placed under high pressure

The water-bound base was laid in a variety of thicknesses of 10cm, 16cm and 20cm. The paver was required to achieve pre-compaction of more than 80%. That did not present a problem for the type AB 600 Extending Screed in the TP1 version, configured with VÖGELE High Compaction Technology – tamper plus pressure bar. This is based on the unique technology of the pressure bar driven by pulsed flow hydraulics, which allows excellent compaction values to be achieved. It's a simple calculation: the more the paver compacts, the less extra compaction by roller is required. The VÖGELE High Compaction Screeds with pressure bar really come into their own, though, where rolling cannot be considered for economical or technical reasons. This is the case with multilayered paving, for instance, where expensive surface course material is not needed in order to compensate for irregularities because the base course is laid perfectly level – as with the 206km road construction project in Peru. The surfacing here consisted of just a 1cm layer of slurry-seal asphalt, laid down "on top".

Heavy-duty equipment makes light work of a difficult task

A total of 195,000m³ of water-bound base was laid. That is extremely heavy work, for which the already super-robust "dash 3" power package was equipped with a special heavy-duty kit. This kit includes reinforced guards for the conveyor tunnel and the chassis as well as modified auger blades to withstand abrasive wear. "The heavy-duty version of the SUPER 2100-3 was an absolute essential for this long and difficult project, which involved such a huge quantity of water-bound base", emphasized Juan Manuel Draxl of VÖGELE's Peruvian distribution partner Intermaq S.A.C., based in Lima.

The new SUPER 2100-3 – A superlative paver

The new "dash 3" generation from VÖGELE doesn't just deliver on its promises – it far exceeds even the high expectations of the professionals. One could even conclude that a paver which can pave effortlessly at an altitude of 4,000m can operate on any job site in the world!

Ludwigshafen am Rhein / November 2013