We look forward to reporting on exciting new technologies and innovations, information from the field of applications technology and impressive job sites from around the world. And from now on, all five WIRTGEN GROUP brands will be covered. The editorial teams will be putting heart and soul into preparing professional reports and technical articles on WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN and BENNINGHOVEN.

RoadNews 03

Contents of VÖGELE

  • Page 10: VÖGELE PowerFeeders in action in South Africa: Scientific study proves higher quality.
  • Page 18: RoadScan, the temperature-measurement system from VÖGELE, makes pavement quality visible.
  • Page 54: WIRTGEN GROUP machines speed up the paving of porous asphalt at a motorway job site in Germany.
  • Page 64: On the steep terrain of the Swiss Alps, the VÖGELE SUPER 1803-3i wheeled paver demonstrates its strengths.

RoadNews 02

Contents of VÖGELE

  • Page 34: Making an impact with coloured asphalt: Compact Class machines from VÖGELE and HAMM add to the charm of Baden-Baden, Germany.
  • Page 42: Premium quality for speeds of more than 500km/h: VÖGELE in action for a dragstrip in Norway.
  • Page 46: Pivoting conveyor for boosted efficiency: VÖGELE MT 3000-2i Offset PowerFeeder and SUPER 800-3i Mini Class paver fill cavities between motorway safety barriers.
  • Page 58: City roads in Formula 1-quality: VÖGELE and HAMM machines build the Baku city circuit.

RoadNews 01

Contents of VÖGELE

  • Page 20: VÖGELE: RoadScan, WITOS Paving and InLine Pave point the way towards an efficient future.
  • Page 64: Machines from four WIRTGEN GROUP brands rehabilitate the surface course at Büchel Air Base, Germany.
  • Page 92: Machines made by VÖGELE and HAMM build 150km of motorway on the longest job site in turkey.