AB 220 Extending Screed

The AB 220 Extending Screed designed for the small VÖGELE pavers stands out through accurate operation and achieves high precompaction. It is available in 2 versions as far as equipment with compacting systems is concerned.

  • The AB 220 V (with vibrators) has been specially designed for use with the SUPER 700-3. The AB 220 TV (with tamper and vibrators) combines with the SUPER 800-3.
  • The AB 220 Extending Screed, in either version, has a basic width of 1.2m and extends hydraulically to 2.2m.
  • Through the addition of bolt-on extensions, the AB 220 V can be extended to a maximum pave width of 3.2m and the AB 220 TV to a maximum pave width of 3.5m.

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