AB 480 Extending Screed

The AB 480 is a somewhat simplified version of the AB 500. The screed extends hydraulically from 2.55m to 4.8m and the maximum pave width with bolt-on extensions is 6.3m.

The AB 480 can be combined with the SUPER 1600 and SUPER 1603 Classic Line pavers and is the ideal screed for placing a single lane alongside an existing one as well as for paving farm tracks.

  • With a basic width of 2.55m and a maximum pave width of 6.3m, the screed is ideal for combined footpath and cycle path or farm track applications as well as for surfacing minor roadways.
  • AB 480 is available in TV version (with tamper and vibrators). The compacting systems are installed across the full screed width, including bolt-on extensions.
  • A typical VÖGELE feature found in the AB 480 Extending Screed, like in all VÖGELE screeds, is electric heating. The modern, powerful screed heating system provides for quick and uniform heating to operating temperature, an essential for smooth surface texture.

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