SB 350 Fixed-Width Screed – Details

The SB 350 Fixed-Width Screed can pave surface courses without joints across widths up to 18m. The screed also offers users new functions such as hydraulic tamper-stroke adjustment, extra-wide hydraulic bolt-on extensions, user-friendly installation aids and an efficient heating system.

With a basic width of 3.5m and a maximum pave width of 18m, the SB 350 is the highest-performing screed in VÖGELE's product range. It guarantees maximum surface accuracy, even across large pave widths – paving without longitudinal joints. Used in combination with the SUPER 3000-3(i) large paver, the screed can not only handle large widths, but also particularly large thicknesses, for instance laying down base courses up to 50cm thick.

The screed is available in the TV version (with tamper and vibrators) as well as in the high-compaction versions TP1 (with tamper and one pressure bar) and TP2 (with tamper and two pressure bars).

Short set-up times thanks to new installation aid and efficient heating system

To ensure that the SB screed is quickly ready for use even for paving across large widths, the attachment of bolt-on extensions has been greatly simplified: a newly developed telescoping and positioning system helps the operator mount the extensions correctly. As a result, the individual bolt-on extensions can be adjusted quickly and easily – considerably reducing set-up times.

To ensure that the screed reaches operating temperature more quickly, the SB 350 has been equipped with a new efficient heating system. This heats up the screed plate, tamper and pressure bars twice as fast and much more uniformly than before – getting them up and running in no time.

Hydraulic tamper-stroke adjustment at the push of a button

The correct setting of the tamper stroke has a key impact on the compaction results and floating behaviour of fixed-width screeds. Since adjusting the tamper stroke mechanically is a very time-consuming process, it is often not adjusted, even when different layer thicknesses are being paved with one and the same screed. This prompted VÖGELE to develop the hydraulic tamper-stroke adjustment system. With this system, paver operators can set the optimum tamper stroke of 4mm or alternatively 8mm for the particular paving job simply at the push of a button. This option allows high-quality paving results to be achieved even more conveniently.

High level of flexibility thanks to hydraulic bolt-on extensions

The fixed-width screed offers a high degree of flexibility during the paving process thanks to the newly developed extra-wide hydraulic bolt-on extensions. Using the SmartWheel, the pave width can now be hydraulically varied by 1.25m on each side of the screed – adding up to a total adjustment range of 2.5m. This delivers a high level of flexibility and saves time, too, particularly on projects involving varying pave widths.


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